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Q: What fault code reader do you recommend for a 1991 GEO Storm with 1.6L engine?
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What fault code reader do you recommend for a 1993 Toyota Camry with V6 engine?

OBD1 code reader. Any brand will work well on this system. Very simple system that requires no sophisticated reader.

What fault code reader do you recommend for a 2003 2.2 dti vauxhall signum?


What fault code reader do you recommend for a Skoda 2001 fabia?

VAG405 works fine

Why is the engine management console light on when the engine is running?

The warning light indicates that a fault has been detected by the Engine Control Unit. A fault-code reader, standard equipment in nearly all modern garages, will reveal the nature of the fault.

What does the Vectra warning light depicting an engine mean?

You have an engine problem, you need 2 speak 2 someone with a fault code reader

Have a Volvo 850 se what do you do with a fault in the engine electronic system the is on dash board?

First you must determine what the fault code is. Obtain an OBDII code reader. These can be purchased from most auto parts stores, some will even run this for free. Correct the problem then using the OBDII reader erase the fault code.

How do you turn engine management light off vauxhall frontera?

You need to have the codes read by a codereader, then cleared by the reader after the fault is repaired.

What does the engine shaped light indicate?

the symbol of the engine with the lightening in the middle means your ecu has gone it "safe mode", also known as "limp home mode" , this means your ecu has detected a fault on your ecu/engine/braking systems. A mechanic with a fualt code reader will be needed to get your ecu to tell him whats at fault

Why is my Check engine light in your 2001 subaru wagon on all the time?

because there is a fault with your car. get the code read by someone that has a code reader and get it fixed as it might cause damage to your engine. Adam

How do i remove the engine management light in your Ford Fiesta?

Plug a laptop or code reader into the diagnostics socket, find out what the fault is, or was, clear the fault if it's still on or cancel the alarm thereby turning out the fault light if it's just a transitory fault which has already cleared. If you're in the AA or RAC, call 'em out to do it.

How do I check fault codes on a VW Golf?

The easiest way to check fault codes is to use an external code reader. Plus the code reader into the slot on the dashboard and run it.

What does it mean when an orange engine resembling light is on a 2004 crv Honda?

The 'Check Engine Light' means that the car has detect a fault or anomoly that requires attention. To tell what the fault is requires a code reader that is plugged into the OBD port underneath the driver's side dashboard and a manufaturer's fault code book. The errors can range from loose/open gas cap to failing O2 sensor to major engine or transmission errors.

How much costs for service engine soon BMW?

you need to have the check engine/service engine soon fault codes read to determine what the fault is.

How do you get the engine light go off on a 2003 Silverado without taking it to the dealership?

You will need an OBD2 code reader. They can be found at most auto parts stores. It will tell you why it set off the engine light, and usually allow you to clear the fault codes.

What does the symbol mean with a car and a spanner going through it mean on a vauxhall astra?

it means a fault with the engine electronics or immobilizer really need a good code reader to find out it could be something or nothing

What does the engine light comes on a Chevy Malibu mean?

One of the sensors detected a fault that occurred at least 2x, but there are about 100 different ones. you need to retrieve codes from car's comp with a code reader

What does the engine light check mean in a 1996 Honda odyssey?

An engine light check means some fault in the engine . Check the handbook to get more details to find what and where the fault is.

What are the computer fault codes I have A reader but lost the book?

I need to know the computer fault codes I need numbered bios codes and not bleep codes

Why is the Light at the bottom of the speedometer o my Renault clio staying on symbol looks like an engine what does this mean?

The engine light usually means a fault has been logged in the vehicles computer.Contary to what some people believe that it is a service light and the vehicle needs a service. It will need to be connected to a fault code reader to examine the history the socket is normally behind the ashtray in the middle of the console.

Why is the engine light on in your Ford Fiesta?

The engine light comes on to show that there is a fault. Usually it is caused by a faulty sensor. You would need to have a diagnosis done of the Engine Management Unit to find out what the fault is. Taking your car to the dealer will cost between £60-£80 but you can buy a diagnostic tool quite cheaply from Ebay or Amazon which will give you a fault code telling what the fault is, if it is a minor fault you can reset it and the engine light will go out.

Should the engine warning lamp be illuminated when the engine is running on a 1995 Opel Astra?

The light is illuminated because the ECU has picked up a fault on the engine management system, and has stored a fault code. You need to diagnose & rectify the fault for the light to be extinguished.

How do you reset the check engine light on a 2008 Chrysler Sebring?

The check engine light is reset with a scan tool after repairing the cause of the fault.The check engine light is reset with a scan tool after repairing the cause of the fault.

Where is the check engine reset switch on 2004 Ford Freestar?

To reset the check engine light you must have an OBDII code reader with the reset function. The underlying fault that caused the light to turn on must be fixed or the light will turn on again once the condition is detected. The light will be reset if the battery is disconnected for about 10 minutes but will turn on again if the fault that caused the light to turn on is not fixed. Also, the engine will not run at its best until the computer is retrained.

2004 Dodge Neon P0325 error code?

According to my handbook that came with my fault code reader, the P0325 fault code indicates a problem with the knock sensor.

Orange light under dash on periodically on vauxhall corsa p reg looks like a picture of engine?

This is your engine management chip light & when illuminated this shows a fault has been stored on the chip. You need to take this to a garage as a reader needs to be plugged into the engine to id the fault. This could be any number of things & cost you anything from 35 quid to 700(trust me, been there plenty of times in the past & now have a nearly brand new engine rebuilt!!) so be prepared to pay for it!