Alligators and Crocodiles

What feeds on saltwater crocodiles?

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Do saltwater crocodiles reproduce asexually?

No, Saltwater Crocodiles cannot reproduce asexually. It is impossible.

Are crocodiles freshwater of saltwater?

they are both saltwater and freshwater

What do Saltwater Crocodiles looks like?

They look like american crocodiles except saltwater crocodiles are much taller, longer, and have sharper teeth.

Are saltwater crocodiles invertebrates?


Is saltwater crocodiles bigger than freshwater crocodiles?

Yes. Saltwater Crocs are bigger and generally more aggressive.

Crocodile species of Australia?

freshwater crocodilessaltwater crocodiles

Are there crocodiles in Hawaii?

yes there are numerous saltwater crocodiles in hawaii!!! be careful

What animals are a threat to crocodiles?

Hippos man, and sharks for saltwater crocodiles

Are there crocodiles at the Singapore zoo?

There are two saltwater crocodiles in the singapore zoo.

What threatens the saltwater crocodiles?

what is a salt water crocodiles biggest threat

Are crocodiles Australian?

Two types of crocodile live in Australia- Freshwater Crocodiles and Saltwater Crocodiles.

What animals hunt saltwater crocodiles?

No animal hunts the saltwater croc.

What are three living things in saltwater?

Fish Seaweed Saltwater crocodiles.

Are saltwater crocodiles dangerous?


How do saltwater crocodiles attack?

they bite!

Are tigers prey?

Sumatran tigers are prey to saltwater crocodiles and large reticulated pythons. Bengal tigers are prey to saltwater crocodiles, mugger crocodiles, and large packs of dholes.

What are pythons enemies?

In Asia, saltwater crocodiles and mugger crocodiles are predators. In Africa, Nile crocodiles are predators.

Do crocodiles swim in the ocean?

There are a species of Australian crocodiles that live in the saltwater reqions.

What adaptations does the saltwater crocodiles have to help them survive in there environment?

The saltwater crocodile has gills.

Do saltwater crocodiles swimout to sea?

According to the National Geographic Web site, saltwater crocodiles have been seen swimming far out to sea.

What pray on shark?

saltwater crocodiles and people

What are the 2 crocodiles in Australia?

Saltwater & freshwater

How do saltwater crocodiles camouflage?

sharp teeth

How far can saltwater crocodiles swim?


Does Australia have saltwater and freshwater crocodiles?


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