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Mexico is roughly three times the size of Texas. As such, it has a wide variety of climates:

North western Mexico has a climate much like that of Southern California.

Northern Mexico is part of the Sonoran and Chihuahuan deserts, with arid, dry climate.

North eastern Mexico has a plains climate, much like central and south Texas.

Much of central Mexico has rugged terrain, therefore depending on the height the climate varies from grasslands, to plains to pine forests.

Southern and eastern Mexico is composed mostly of tropical forests: on low, coastal regions you can find jungles and wetlands while hilly regions have temperate forests.

There are also many mountains in Mexico, so you can find the cold, dry climates like those found in places such as Utah or Colorado.

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Does Mexico have regions?

Yes. There are natural regions, socioeconomic regions as well as federal states in Mexico.

What are Florida five natural regions?

i actually do not know sorry

What is a natural resource of Mexico?

Silver is a natural resource of Mexico. It ranks in the top five producers for silver producers.

What are the five things all culture regions must share?

Natural Rescources

What are New Mexico 5 natural regions?

fart hill,carlsbad caverns and copolotodoboyoioqoao cave

Name four culture regions of mexico?

Four cultural regions of Mexico are Northern Mexico, Southern Mexico, the Yucatan, and the Central Interior.

What kind of map Mexico?

There are many types: physical/geographical, bathymetric, roads and railroads, climatic regions, natural resources.

What are the four natural regions of California?

The state of California is divided into four natural regions. These regions are the Coastal, Central, Mountain and Desert regions.

How many main land regions does New Mexico have?

6 main land regions in New Mexico

What divides Mexico into 5 regions?

Geography and socioeconomic factors allow Mexico to be grouped into 5 regions.

What are the five major tropic regions?

Name five basic climate regions

What are the Mayans regions?

the Maya regions were Mexico and central America

Is the country Mexico cold or warm?

Both. There are regions in Mexico with seasonal snowfalls and you have regions where winter is hardly felt.

How many regions does New Mexico have?

Personally i see three regions: North, South, and Abq., Santa Fe area. The four News stations in New Mexico describe it in five regions : South-east, South-west, North-east, North-west, and "the Bowl" also know as Abq. and the surrounding areas.

What type of natural vegetation does Mexico have?

natural vegetation does Mexico have?

What regions did Mexico control in 1848?

Most of present-day Mexico and the southern regions of Arizona and New Mexico, which were later acquired by the US on the Gadsden Purchase.

How many main land regions are in New Mexico?

there are only 6 main land regions in the state of new mexico

What are the 6 main regions of Mexico?

North Mexico South Mexico East Mexico West Mexico New Mexico Old Mexico

Is the Gulf of Mexico man made or natural?

The Gulf of Mexico is natural.

Does Mexico have multiple regions?

Yes. Mexico is a federation which includes 31 states and a federal district; it has six "regions" which include several of these states, conforming areas with common culture, demographics, and economics:Baja CaliforniaNorthern MexicoThe BajioCentral MexicoPacific CoastYucatan Peninsula

What natural regions of California have the most large regions?

Columbia valley

What are different natural regions?

The natural regions include the natural vegetation region of mountain alpine forests,tropical forest,rain forest,deserts shrubs,grassland regions,temperate grasslands,marshlands,islands.

What are 4 of Mexico's cultural regions?

Greater Mexico City, Central Interior, Oil Coast, Southern Mexico, Northern Mexico, and The Yucatan are culture regions of Mexico.i hope this helped!

What physical features divide the five regions of the US?

the five regions are southwest...midwest...northeast...west...east

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