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They ate fart

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Q: What food did ancient Persians eat?
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What do Persians eat?


What type of food do the Persians eat?


What do ancient Persians eat?

There were several foods that the ancient Persians consumed. Some included stews made with meat, rice, bread, goat, fruits, and lamb.

How many times were the Ancient Persians captured?

The Ancient Persians were captured twice.

What did the ancient Egyptians eat food with?

Ancient Egyptians eat with there fingers.

What did ancient Persians or Iranians call themselves?


What food did Ancient Mali eat?

The ancient Mali eat lots of fish and rice

What did Ancient Egyptions eat?


How did the ancient mayans eat?


Why did Ancient Romans eat olives?

They needed food to eat.

What foods did ancient kushites eat?

they would eat food

What was the food of the shudras?

What is the food that the shudras, from ancient India, eat.

What did ancient persains eat?

The ancient Persians ate plants for improving eye sight, poo for vitamin's, wee for a hydrating drinkwritten by professor Hannah

Were the Persians Christian?

No, the ancient persians had several ancient gnostic and monotheistic religions before becoming predominantly worshippers of Islam.

Why did ancient Greece food started?

Because ancient Greeks had to eat.

What is the difference between Ancient Chinese and Ancient Egyptian food?

brown ppl eat chinese food

What does the ancient Egyptians food?

they eat the camels

What did ancient africans eat in the 1600s?


How did ancient Romans eat their food?

With their mouths

What food did the Ancient Egyptians not eat?


Who did Ancient Cairo trade with?


Did the ancient persians have taxes?

not sure

How did ancient Persians make a living?

the ancient Persians had jobs like farming, being in the military, being a laborer, and being a landlord

How did ancient Egyptians prepare their food?

They eat all kinds of food

Did the ancient Romans eat spicy food?

No. The ancient Romans often ate chickens but they did not eat spicy foods.