What food do they have on Wales?

Obviously, Wales offers the full range of food that all modern Western countries do nowadays, although there are some variations.
'Fast food' (i.e. burger bars, drive-through McDonalds etc.) is not as popular in Wales as it is in England- the Welsh tend to prefer Indian or Chinese take-aways, or pizza parlours, to burgers. There are fewer international fast food outlets in Wales than in England, those places that exist tend mostly to be small buisnesses, often run by Turkish immigrants to the nation. You do get places like McDonalds, but these tend to be located in retail parks and by big supermarkets rather than as stand-alone facilities.

Traditional Welsh dishes include lavabread, which is cooked seaweed fried in flour and made into patties, 'cawl' (pronounced 'cowl') which is a hearty broth of lamb and vegetables, and various lamb and mutton dishes. Leeks and bacon are popular, and there is 'Welsh Rarebit' (contrary to popular belief, this is NOT simply cheese on toast, but a toast-topping made up of cheese, onion, mustard and various spices). Up until Edwardian times, rural communities used to shoot rooks and make rook pie.
Sweet dishes include Welsh Cakes (cake-biscuits made from oats and sultanas), 'Tisuan hwi' ('egg cake') which is like a cross between cheesecake and blancmange, and a variation on pancakes known as 'froyce'.