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I have an ice machine that uses R12.I have found a productm called Hotshot i think its 414B works well

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What freon does a 1993 Ford Ranger use?

OEM refrigerant which came installed in 1993 was Freon R12. I suggest you convert it to R134a if it has not already been converted. R12 is far to expensive.

What refrigerant is in a 1992 grand am?

It came with R12 (Freon). Look for a sticker on the unit, as it may have been converted. If not convert it to R134a. My advice, is, take it to a professional.

What is the Freon size for Toyota Corolla 1990?

Unless your system has been convert to take R-134a you would need 25oz of R-12. If your system has been convert to R-134a you would use 20oz to 21.25oz of R-134a.

What type of freon does a F150 use?

It depends on the year of the truck. The old type of freon was phased out. If its an older truck it would have been R-12. But R-12 is not avalible, you will have to convert it to R-134a. Newer trucks are R-134a.

How do you top up freon in a 2004 ford fiesta 1.4 tdci?

It contains no R12 Freon. Freon has not been used for years.

What is the symbol for freon?

Freon is DuPont's trade name. There are 2 types of Freon, Freon-11 is trichlorofluoromethane, while Freon-12 is dichlorodifluoromethane. All types of Freon have been banned from production since 1996. Refrigerants are manmade compounds not Elements

What kind of freon does a 93 mercury sable take?

Unless it has been converted over to R134 it came with R12. I suggest you convert it to R134a. R12 is very expensive.

How much freon in 1999 suburban?

Freon (R12) has not been installed in any vehicle since 1995.

What is the freon capacity for a 2001 Mustang 3.8?

Freon (R12) has not been installed or produced since 1995.

How much freon do I put in a ford exployer 2001?

The 2001 Ford Explorer A/C unit does not contain Freon (R12). Freon has not been used since 1995.

What freon is used for a 1990 Cadillac eldorado?

There is only one type of freon, but before we go further, freon has been banned due to it's hazardousness to the environment.

What refrigerant is used in a 1973 eldorado?

The original refrigerant installed at the factory in 1973 was R12 (Freon). If it has not been converted to R134a, I suggest you convert it now, if it is leaking and needs repair. R12 is no longer in production and the dwindling supply is very expensive. Much cheaper to convert it to R134a.

How to install freon in 1994 Oldsmobile achieva?

YOU don't! If your system is R12 (freon)it should ONLY be serviced by a professional. The way to determine is if you have quick-couple service fittings, it is 134A (not freon) equipped, if it has threaded service fittings, it is R12 (freon) equipped. When you take the vehicle to a professional, he will convert your R12 system (if it is so equipped) to 134A. R12 (freon) has not been manufactured since 1995 by law (Montreal Accord) and it is VERY hard to find. A license is required to purchase R12 and it may not be legal to sell in your state. Mark---Raleigh, NC Actually Freon is a registered trade name or trademark for E. I. DuPont. It is not strictly R-12. R-134a is commonly called Freon.

How much freon in a 1997 cavalier?

Freon (R12) is no longer in production, and by law has not been used in any vehicle since 1995.

What kind of freon does a 2002 Saturn?

The 2002 Saturn does not use "Freon" since Freon was manufactured by DuPont. Most vehicles since mid 1990's have been using 134A refrigerant.

How do you get the ac off low freon on 99 deville so your ac will work already been serviced and no leakes?

Check the low and high pressure switches, the AC fuse, and relay. Any of these can cause the AC to not get power to the clutch as if the freon is too low.

What freon does a 1992 Ford Ranger use?

It originally came with Freon (R12). Unless it has been converted then it will still contains R12. I suggest you have it converted to R134a, as Freon is so very expensive and hard to find.

Where is the freon located in a 2000 Dodge Durango?

Does not contain any Freon (R12). Freon was banned and has not been installed in any vehicle since 1995. there is freon in a 2000 durango,its in the air conditioner line,and it takes about 3 to 5 cans to fill it depending on how much is in it. you can buy everything you need to fill it up at walmart.

Does a 95 Oldsmobile Achieva use freon or has it been converted and need to be charged?

BY "freon" do you mean R-12? If so then the answer is no. The system uses 134A refridgerant and does not need to be converted.

My ac don't get cold and it has been checked for freon and it is fine?

There are a few reasons your AC might not get very cold even though the Freon is fine. You could have a leak in your line.

What kind of freon is in a 91 Acura Legend?

r12 unless it has been converted to r134a

What type of freon is in 1988 Chevrolet Celebrity?

R12 unless it's been converted.

What type of freon does a Chrysler New Yorker 6 cy 3.3L engine take?

AnswerWhat year? There are two types for cars R12 for cars up to 1993 It no longer made and if anyone has any they can charge you $100 to $150 per pound The other is R134a for cars after 1993 An older car MUST be retrofitted to R134a for $100 to $500 depending on what needs to be replacedfreonthere is only one type of freon. It's freon it will work in any vehicleTotally incorrect! There are several different kinds of "FREON" freon is actually a trade name of Dupont for R22... Not an overall refrigerant. Anyone who has the certification to work on refrigeration equipment of any size will tell you it needs to be replaced with R134a. R12 is a refrigerant that destroys the ozone and has been banned by the EPA. FYI if anyone is caught putting R12 in for you they and you can be stuck with pretty hefty fines as well.

What kind of ac refrigerant does a 1991 Pontiac Bonneville use?

It came from the factory with R12 Freon. It may have been converted to R134a. If so there should be a sticker near the compressor. If it has not been converted, I suggest you do so, as the price of Freon is prohibitive.

How can I recharge the air conditioner in our 1990 Buick Riviera?

Everything takes a different form of Freon. Drain the system if it has not been so prior then add R134a Freon into the coolant system.