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What fruit contains most vitamin C?

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Which fruit contains the most vitamin c?

Kakadu plum

What vitamin does fruit contains?

That depends on what fruit- oranges contain vitamin C.

What food contains the most vitamin C?

broccoli, kiwi, peppers, and citrus fruit

Does lemonade contain vitamin c?

Yes, any citrus fruit contains vitamin C and Lemons are a citrus fruit.

What fruit has the most vitamin c?

I am pretty sure that the fruit with the most vitamin is the strawberry, because it has for vitamin C than an orange.

What kind of vitamin does a mango have?

well i guess a mango fruit contains vitamin C

Fruit having most vitamin 'c'?

Gooseberry is the fruit with maximum concentration of vitamin c. oranges are only after gooseberry in vitamin c content.

Does other fruit drinks have the most vitamin C?

One fruit that I know of that has a lot of vitamin C is grapefruits.

Which fruit contains more Vitamin C than oranges?


Do sugary things have vitamin c?

Usually no. Sugary foods are usually junk foods that have little or no nutritional value. That's not to say that no sugary foods have Vitamin C. For example, a pie made with fruit that contains Vitamin C will have the Vitamin C from the fruit in it.

What fruit has most vitamin c?

Everybody probably thinks that oranges have the most vitamin c but it's reall a fact that strawberries have the most vitamin c.

Are mango's a citrus fruit?

Mangoes are not a citrus fruit. No they are not. Mango is not a citrus fruit as it doesn't contains vitamin c.

Which fruit has the most vitamin C?


Which fruit has the most vitamin c in it?


What contains more vitamin C fruits or vegetables?

it depends on the fruit and the vegetable

Which drinks have vitamin c?

Most fruit juice will have vitamin c especially orange juice.

Fruit contains what vitamin?

different fruits contain different vitamins. Oranges and citrus fruits contain Vitamin C. You would be safest saying Vitamin C.

What citrus fruit contains more vitamin c?

Not sure if this is what you are looking for, but Guava, kiwi fruit, or a cup of strawberries have more vitamin C than an orange. Lemons have as much vitamin c as the orange in the citric group. Hope this helps.

What is the amount of ascorbic acid in fruit?

The amount of ascorbic acid, or vitamin C, in fruit depends on the fruit. Guava is the fruit with the most vitamin C, with more than 125mg per fruit.

Which fruit contains the most vitamins?

Guava is the best fruit because it contains the most amount of vitamins -especailly vitamin c. But dont limit yourself, have all different kinds of fruit to ensure that you are getting a variety of different amounts of vitamins. However another fruit with a high amount of vitamins like vitamin A (which guava doesn't have) is the avocado.

What type of vitamins does starfruit have?

Star fruit contains Vitamins A, B, C and E. Unfortunately, vitamin D and vitamin K are not present in star fruit.

Witch fruit holds the most vitamin c?


What vitamins can you get from a macopa fruit?

Contains Vitamin C, iron, protein, calcium, phosphorous and fiber.

What fruit contains ascorbic acid?

Ascorbic Acid = Vitamin COrangesGuava FruitKIwi FruitraspberriesRed CurrantsStraberries

What is the main vitamin in fruit and vegetables?

Each type of fruit or vegetable contains its own specific mix of vitamins and minerals. For example, citrus fruits contain ascorbic acid (vitamin C). Beets contain vitamin C and iron, and beet greens are high in vitamin A.

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