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to be healthy

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Q: What fruits we can eat everyday?
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How many cups of fruits and vegetables do children need to eat everyday in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle?

They should eat a bowl of fruits and a bowl of vegetables

How many fruits and vegetables do you need to eat everyday?

According to the food pyramid, we should eat 3-5 veggies a day and 3-4 fruits.

What to eat while running everyday?

You should eat healthysnacks such as fruits,vegetables, etc. You should haveplenty of water. Good luck!! :)

How can you apply science in our daily life activity?

i excercise everyday,, i eat vegetable and fruits.. and others,, i'll doing..

Why is it important to eat fruit everyday?

Fresh fruits and vegetablesare generally rich in vitamins and minerals but if we cook or fry vegetablesand eat they will loose all good things in them.Also fruits are good source of fibre which increases digestion power also antioxidants will keep you away from illness.So have some fresh fruits and vegetables in our diet

What do peccary eat?

fruits (pears)

What kind of fruits do fruit bats eat?

Alot of fruits. They eat bananas and mangos mostly. they also eat native fruits

What energy could you use everyday?

fruits and vegetables

Do apes eat fruits?

Yes, apes commonly eat fruits.

What is full diet?

replace soda with water. Eat lots of fruits and try to avoid fattening foods. Exercise everyday, run half a mile or a mile a day.

What do hermet crabs eat and how often do you need to feed them?

Hermit crabs can eat both fruits and vegtables but no meat.You can also buy hermit crab food at petstores.Make sure to change there food everyday in the morning.

Is it correct to say squirrel eat fruits?

squirrel eat almonds and nuts but rearly eat fruits