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I'm not sure if the following fuses are for the dash lights - the owner's manual lists them for " instrument cluster " location # 11 - 7.5 amp fuse for instrument cluster location # 15 - 7.5 amp fuse for instrument cluster location # 33 - 15 amp fuse instrument cluster/headlamps/DRL module

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โˆ™ 2007-11-11 23:57:45
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Q: What fuse controls front dash lights on 1997 explorer?
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How do you swap a front sprocket off a 1997 explorer?

it is a 300 polaris explorer

How do you turn fog lights on in 1997 Ford Explorer?

On a 1997 Ford Explorer : The push button switch to turn on and off the fog lights is in ( the center stack of the dash , to the right of the radio )

Where is the fuse located on a 1997 Ford Explorer XLT that controls the lights on a trailer that is connected to the truck?

check the bulbs if that does not work,check your wiring harness.i had the same thing happen to me and it was my wiring harness

Where is the fuse located on a 1997 Ford Explorer XLT that controls the fog lights?

Check your owners manual. If you don't have one copy & paste this link.

How do you adjust headlights on a 1997 Explorer XLT?

The headlights on a 1997 Ford Explorer XLT is adjusted using screws behind the lights. One is located on the top and side to allow for full control.

1997 fire bird front singal lights want work?

Assuming the rear signal lights do work, check the front bulbs first.

How do you adjust an uneven steering wheel in a 1997 Ford Explorer?

front end alignment

Where is the right kicker panel on a 1997 Ford Explorer?

On a 1997 Ford Explorer : The right side kick panel would be inthe front passenger footwell It is the interior trim panel , just in front of the front door , by the passengers feet

The temperature control module in your 1997 Ford Explorer?

The temperature control module for a 1997 Ford explorer is the unit that controls all of the heat and ac functions. If it is not operating properly, then the heat ac and defrost will work improperly or not at all.

Will a 1991 ford explorer transfer case fit a 1997 explorer?

Yes it will but the front drive line will be different and the wire harness is different

Where is the fuel Inertia switch located on a 1997 Ford Explorer?

In the front passenger footwell BEHIND the kick panel according to the 1997 Ford Explorer Owner Guide . On my 1995 Ford Explorer it is BY the kick panel in the front passenger footwell , just above the carpet in the corner

Where is toe board on 97 explorer?

On a 1997 Ford Explorer : The toe board is the angled piece between the floor and the firewall in front of the driver and the front passenger

Were can you get diagram of a front end for a 1997 Ford Explorer?

Buy a Haynes or Chilton manual for $15

Humming noise on front passenger side of 1997 Ford Explorer XLT?

Humming noise on the front passenger side of a 1997 Ford Explorer XLT may be due to a bad tire. Try to jack up the tire and spin it by hand to see if the noise is there.

Where is the temperature sensor for 1997 explorer xlt located?

The 1997 Ford Explorer ambient temperature sensor can be found on the bottom of the drivers side mirror. The engine coolant temperature sensor can be found on the front of the engine.

What is the fuse number for interior lights on a 1997 ford explorer?

location # 27 - 10 amp fuse - red color

Fuel cutoff switch on a 1997 explorer?

In the right front passenger footwell , by or behind the kick panel

What is the front spindle nut torque spec 1997 explorer awd?

157 to 213 ft-lbs.

1997 explorer upper ball joint replacement?

How do you really know if I really need ball joint replacement on front end? What is the price? 1997 Ford Explorer Front End Ball Joing Replacement? Mechanic is stating $1019. Ouch - Help. Well maintained car.

Where is the oil filter at on a 1997 Ford Explorer 4.6 liter?

The 1997 Ford Explorer available V8 engine is a 5.0 L (302 cubic inch) The oil filter is on the driver's side of the engine, towards the front.

Where is the fuse located that controls the fan and heater panel lights and also the console stick shift gear indicator lights in a 1997 Toyota Camry XLE V6?

Owner's manual.

1997 Dodge Neon Fog Lights?

They attach to the front of the car below the regular headlamp assembly.

How do you change the dashboard lights on 1997 eagle talon?

The dashboard lights on a 1997 Eagle Talon can be changed by reaching up into the dash to get to the bulbs. Another way is to remove the dashboard screws and remove the front of the instrument panel.

Why did my 1997 Ford Explorer alternator quit working?

because it's a 1997 ford explorer

Where is the switch that controls the domelight turning on when the tailgate is opened on a 1997 jeep Cherokee sport?

There should be a front dome light and a rear domelight. on the rear domelight push it in aka click it while the tailgate is open and it will turn both dome lights off.