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What fuse do you replace if cigarette lighter not working on a 1995 ford econoline where is it?

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For the cigarette lighter: 1 First check if the lighter element is good. Use a volt meter to see if there is voltage inside the cavity. If there is voltage, get a new element. 2. The fuse box is under the dash on the drivers side. Remove the cover and check fuse #10, it will be a 15 amp fuse. Replace it if blown, if not there is probably a broken wire someplace. Probably on the lighter cavity (receptical). Joedi

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How do you repair or replace the cigarette lighter on a 1995 Toyota Corolla?

Also you need to be sure the fuse is working in your car before replacing the lighter.

What to do when 2001 grand am cigarette lighter stops working?

Check the fuse first. If the fuse is good, check to see if you have 12 volts at the lighter. If so replace the lighter. If not check the wring. Best to just replace the entire lighter assembly.

Cigarette Lighter not working on 2004 Pontiac grand am and the fuse in not blown?

How do I fix my cigarette lighter when fuse is good

What fuse do I replace if cigarette lighter is not working in a 92 camaro rs?

the ACC fuse powers the lighter, the door locks and the trunk hatch. It is a 20amp fuse.

Cigarette lighter for Toyota 2003 echo is not working the fuse diagram does not show where the lighter is or the radio fuse can anyone help?

Just pull all the fuses out and check them. Replace the bad one. that's not really going to help.... remove the cigarette lighter by pulling the trim off the radio there is a fusable link on the cigarette lighter socket itself. you can replace the socket or try to replace the fuseable link its a peice of 14 gauge aluminum wire....

Cigarette lighter not working on Chevy 3500?

Did you check for a blown fuse?

Why isn't the cigarette lighter working in my clio 172?

try the fuse

Where is the cigarette lighter fuse in a Toyota 4Runner?

If the cigarette lighter is not working and the ACC fuse, inside the car, left of steering wheel, is still good (radio is working), the "fuse" on the back side of the cigarette lighter socket, a brown wire, has blown. Socket needs to be replaced or fixed with a soldering iron and a new wire.

My Cigarette lighter isn't working in my vectra b 2001?

Check the fuse. If you use a phone charger or any other aux device in the cigarette lighter most likely blew it.

What could cause the cigarette lighter to stop working?

Cigarette lighter not work?I read in my car owner manual, and it tells me that the reason why a cigarette lighter will stop working is because the heating mechanism is burned out. I'm not sure exactly what it is or what is a definite answer for why it would burn out. But one reason was given. It said if you take the lighter out before it pops up, that it would cause the heating mechanism to burn out faster.

How do you get out a cigarette lighter that is stuck in a 1996 VW Polo the radio is not working either?

its the fuse

The radio quit working and all the cigarette lighters quit working after your wife used a cell phone charger in the front cigarette lighter What is the cause?

Check your fuses in your fuse panel usually that is what is wrong when cigarette lighters and radios quit working.

Cigarette lighter not working on Oldsmobile alero?

Check fuse nr 34 under hood!

What i can do to get cigarette lighter working in a 93 gm truck?

First thing to check would be the fuse.

93 Honda del sol cigarette lighter fuse?

The lighter will no work if the lightbulb in the ash tray is blown. I changed the lightbulb in my del sol, and the lighter started working.

Fuse not blown cigarette lighter still not working?

Get a fuse tester test it on the inside of the plug itself of it lights up theirs current so you might just have to replace the plug entirely

How do you repair a cigarette lighter on a 2003 Mitsubishi eclipse?

it is most likely not working due to a blown fuse

The Cigarette lighter for 93 win star van is not working. what do I need to look at or do?

Check the fuse.

Why is the Cigarette lighter not working in my 2001 dodge stratus?

check your fuse, if fuse is good most likely the socket, or if the lighter is used often it can also fail.

Cigarette lighter quit working in 2003 trailblazer?

Check to see that noone has used it for a coin holder. It is fused.

Why is the Cigarette lighter not working on vw Passat?

Probably just the fuse or it could be a lose wire under the dash

Cigarette lighter is not working?

The flint could be broken, or worn, or it could be out of fuel. Disposables are made of thin metal, not meant to be together very long. You can replace the flint or pour in more fuel into the bottom of the Zippo.

Why is the CD player in my Toyota Previa 2005 not working?

Is cigarette lighter not working also? If so then probably a fuse blown by shorting the cigarette lighter socket. Fuse is located under glove box passenger side front (RHD version). It's not easy to get to and will probably be the last one you try.

How do you replace the cigarette lighter in a 1999 cavalier?

A inoperable cigarette lighter can be a significant problem and safety hazard, as the lighter negates the need to fiddle with a small hand-held lighter will driving. Repairing the lighter in a 1997 Chevrolet Cavalier calls for inspecting a number of different components to the lighter and attempting to repair each one at the sign of damage or failure. If no steps can fix the cigarette lighter, it can be easily replaced with a few easy steps.Difficulty:ModerateInstructionsThings You'll NeedScrewdriverWire cuttersWire strippersElectrical tapeNeedle-nose pliersWrench setCheck the Lighter1 Purchase a replacement cigarette lighter at an auto part store, matching the original.2 Push the new lighter deep into the cigarette lighter socket.3 Inspect the inside coil on the new cigarette lighter after 30 seconds. If the coils are red (indicating heat), the old cigarette lighter was damaged. If this does not correct the problem, return the cigarette lighter to the point of purchase.Inspect the Wiring1 Remove the lower trim panel retaining screws with a screwdriver. Disengage the locking tab and slot in the middle of the trim panel and pull the two trim panels apart.2 Inspect the wiring from the back of the cigarette lighter socket to the firewall. Look for any places where the wiring might be crimped, cut or otherwise damaged.3 Repair any damaged section of wire. Cut out the damaged portion with wire cutters. Strip the ends of the original wire with wire strippers and connect the same thickness and gauge of wire into the section. Cover the new connection with electrical tape.4 Push the cigarette lighter into the socket and inspect it after 30 seconds, seeing if the coils inside the lighter are red and warm. If they are, the problem was the damaged wiring.Check the Fuse1 Locate the fuse box on the side of the instrument panel and remove the fuse panel cover.2 Inspect the diagram on the back of the fuse panel cover and locate the correct fuse for the cigarette lighter.3 Remove the appropriate fuse with needle-nose pliers and inspect it. If the metal bridge inside the fuse is broken, replace it with a new fuse. If the metal bridge is not broken, push the fuse back into position.Replace the Socket and Lighter1 Detach the electrical connection at the back of the cigarette lighter socket.2 Unscrew the ring holding the cigarette lighter socket in place with a wrench. Remove the cigarette lighter and socket.3 Push the new cigarette lighter socket into place. Reinsert the retaining nut in place with a wrench.4 Reattach the electrical connection to the back of the socket.5 Push the new lighter into the socket and inspect the coils inside the lighter after 30 seconds. They should be red, indicating heat and a working cigarette lighter.ehow com

Peugeot 406 Lx cigarette lighter not working Any idea what fuse number it is?

Fuse no 23 20 amps