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Corriander is a good one.

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Q: What garnish should you use with tomato salsa?
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Can you use salsa as a replacement for tomato sauce?


What sauces use tomatoes?

Tomato sauce.... Ketchup, and salsa. I believe cocktail sauce does too.

How do you use salsa in a sentence?

You should bottle that salsa! This salsa is a bit too hot for my taste. This restaurant's salsa is divine!

What if the employer says no to garnish?

Being that he/she is the employer and you are the employee, you should follow his orders and not use garnish.

What is a recipe to use with tomato basil sauce with chicken and mozzarella?

Pacchetti di Pollo con Mozzarella e Salsa di Pomodoro

What could you use instead of salsa?

Maybe a can of diced tomatoes, add just a little tomato juice and throw in your own chopped onion, peppers, and seasonings

Should you use heirloom tomatoes Roma tomatoes or tomatoes on the vine to produce the least seeds for making a seedless tomato sauce?

The 'Roma' tomato is not an heirloom. It is however an open pollinated, so it is somewhat like an heirloom, just not old enough to fit the category. 'Roma' is a very good tomato for sauces as is the 'Amish Paste' heirloom tomato. Both of them have very little seed and meaty flesh which is what you want for doing up tomato sauces and salsa.

How do you make salsa with habeneros jalepenos green peppers and onions that tastes like the store salsa?

You use tomatoes onion white wine viegar tomato puree cornflour corriander mixed pepper olive oil sugar and finally water !

What should you replace Campbell's Italian tomato soup with in your recipes?

I can not find italian tomato soup what can I use instead

What do you use cilantro for?


What garnish should you use with spicy meat?

mint or more so dill nothing with a strong taste

What foods are should use in regularly do increasing a semen?

cabbage and tomato puree.

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