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It science.

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Q: What general theory of relativity?
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Who wrote the Theory of Relativity?

Galileo Galile wrote "the Theory of Relativity", and Einstein wrote the General theory of relativity and the special theory of relativity.

What are two scientific theories?

Some of them are 1) Big Bang Theory 2) Super string theory 3) General Relativity 4) Special Relativity 5) Quantum Theory

What is the theory of realitivity?

There are actually two theories of relativity, the special theory and the general theory. In the special theory (1905) Einstein showed the relationship between energy, motion and mass. In the General theory (1912) he showed the relationship between acceleration, Time and gravity.

Why is it called the general theory of relativity and not the general hypothesis of relativity?

A "hypothesis" changes to a "theory" when empirical evidence backs it up. Every experiment done over the last 90 years has supported general relativity; not one experiment has challenged it. Indeed, accurate GPS devices would not work unless the effects of general relativity were not factored into their clocks -- so, in effect, every GPS device in the world is an experiment that supports GR. Contrary to what some people, with a CLEAR and UNDENIABLE motivation to confuse people on what a "theory" means, wrongly claim that a scientific "theory" is something unproven. That is simply not true, but these people will continue to repeat this lie.

What is the general theory relativity?

The general theory of relativity was published by Albert Einstein in 1916. It describes gravitation as a geometric property of space and time. It implies the existance of black holes as the death state of massive stars. It predicts the existence of gravitational waves and is the basis of current models of a consistently expanding universe.

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Who wrote the Theory of Relativity?

Galileo Galile wrote "the Theory of Relativity", and Einstein wrote the General theory of relativity and the special theory of relativity.

Who develop general theory of relativity and special theory of relativity of Einstein?


When was the theory of relativity propoed?

The Theory of Special Relativity was published in 1905. General Relativity was published in 1915.

What is the official theory of general relativity?

There's no such thing as an official theory. The classical theory of general relativity is the one that Einstein invented.

What is a theory of general relativity?

The General theory of relativity primarily applies to particles as they accelerate, particularly due to gravitation

How can you use the word theory of relativity in a sentence?

Einstein's theory of relativity encompasses two theories: special relativity and general relativity. The theory of relativity is simply referred to as relativity in the field of physics.

What is the significance of General Theory of Relativity?

E=mc^2 Edit : That equation is part of "special relativity" not "general relativity".

What did people think about theory of general relativity?

At first people thought that General Relativity was a bizarre and irrelevant theory. However, as time went by, people started to accept General Relativity more and more.

Who published the general theory of relativity?


What are three examples of theory?

the theory of evolution, general relativity, quantum theory

When was the first atomic theory and the theory of relativity first proposed?

1900Atomic theory: Leucippus (approx. 500 BC) and Democritus (approx. 460-370 BC).Theory of relativity:* special relativity - Albert Einstein, 1905* general relativity - Albert Einstein, 1916

Who is the develpoer of the theory of relativity?

Galilean Relativity - Galileo Galilei Special and General Relativity - Albert Einstein