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What genre of music did the band bread play?

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November 28, 2009 4:20AM

"Bread was a pop and light music group, with lead singer David Gates."
It was the beginning of a new decade, but more so, it was the end of an era. In 1970, having recently come off the sudden deaths of popular heroes like Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, and Bobby Kennedy, the feeling was somber. On top of this, ultimate super group The Beatles and hugely famous pop and rock duo Simon & Garfunkel announced each would call it quits. The Beatles left with two thoughtful orchestrated ballads, Let It Be and The Long And Winding Road, as Simon & Garfunkel put out the extraordinary esoteric ballad Bridge Over Troubled Water. In the meantime, the new album rock radio format was taking rock groups into the progressive era, giving guitar rockers more room for experimentation and making this heavier music less pop format friendly.
Into this backdrop entered a lighter form of feel good and love song pop, with the young Karen Carpenter and her brother Richard remaking a formerly unknown Dionne Warwick song and topping the charts with the bubbly Close To You, then following it with the optimistic We've Only Just Begun. David Gates in his group Bread arrived soon after with Make It With You, a simple, well-arranged and somewhat haunting ballad about the joy of beginning a relationship. Make It With You reached #1. For the most part, this kind of soft or light music had gone to the stations playing something called adult contemporary. Bread and Carpenters updated the style, often staying with hopeful themes, and brought it back into the pop mainstream.