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Bleach may get yellow stains out of white pillow case covers

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Q: What gets yellow stains out of pillow case covers?
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What causes the yellow stains on my pillows?

The short answer is moisture. Specifically, the moisture that comes from perspiration can cause your pillow to become discolored. A compound found in sweat called urea is often responsible for those unsightly stains. Other moist culprits of pillow stains can include saliva, lying down with wet hair, and chemicals in certain types of makeup.

How do you get stains out of Converse?

Put them in the washing machine on a gentle COLD wash. A hot wash can melt and take apart the seams on converse.. W/ specific stains Vanish or another stain removal soap / spray can help to remove if they are stubborn stains. It is a good idea to put the shoes inside an old pillow case and maybe stick a towel or two in the wash so they don't hit off the washing machine too much and get damaged. For the laces, take them out and just soak them in bleach and hand wash them. This is how I've cleaned mine.

How do you remove blood stains from coloured fabric?

Use Hydrogen Peroxide for blood stains. Works every time. Even on old blood stains in which case you just have to let it soak for a few minutes and you may have to repeat application a couple of times

What is the yellow light on ghd?

Yellow light is sleep mode after 30mins. . . In case you accidently leave them on .

What is a stain?

A stain is a discoloration that distinguishes itself from the material on which it is found. It can be unintentional, in the case of domestic stains on fabric, cloth, or other material, or it can be intentional.

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How do you make stains on pillows go?

find some stain removal. take off the pillow case and wash it in the waching machine.then dry it with the dryer machine thingy mabob.use downy its the best