What god did Medusa anger?

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Medusa angered the goddess Athena.

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2015-06-10 07:02:31
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Q: What god did Medusa anger?
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What are the feelings of Medusa?

I would say Medusa's prominent feeling is anger. Anger towards Athena for making her hideously ugly and anger towards Perseus for cutting off her head.

Did the god Medusa get along with her family?

medusa is not a god and no she did not get along

What god did Medusa love?

Medusa had an affair with the god Poseidon.

Was Medusa a Greek god?

Medusa was neither a god or a goddess. She was a monster; a Gorgon.

Is medusa a greek god?

medusa is a god the strongest god ever. When she walked anyone she hated died.Well kind of..... more like a Greek goddess.

What god was medusa before she got turned into medusa by Athena?

Medusa was always a goddess called Medusa, if she was a goddess Athena only cursed her.

What are Medusa's parents?

Medusa was the daughter of Phorcys and Ceto; a sea god and a sea goddess.

Was Medusa a god or a goddess?

Medusa was neither. She was a Gorgon. She was not immortal- she was killed by the hero Perseus.

Does Medusa's have a relationship with another god est?

yes medusa had a good relationship with perseus.

Which snake haired Greek god killed Medusa?

No god killed Medusa, the hero Perseus killed Medusa with the guidance of Athena and Hermes. Pereseus did not have snakes for hair either, Medusa did. It was her punishment for laying with Poseidon in the Temple of Athena.

Is the evil god Medusa and Hades real?

They are real to those who believe in them. However, Medusa was both female and not a god, and although Medusa was considered a monster, Hades wasn't exactly 'evil'.

Which Greek god killed Medusa?

A greek god did not kill Medusa. She was killed by Perseus, a famous greek hero.

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