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What goes on in area 51?

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"Area 51" in Nevada is a training and testing area for secret US aircraft.

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What really goes on in Area 51?

'Area 51' was specifically designed to test top secret military aircraft and train the personnel for flying and maintaining them.

Is there a government facility called Area 51?

The area known as Area 51 is a Military base in Groom Lake. It was used to test multiple Top Secret Aircraft and weapons. The hype about Area 51 comes from the fact that the military keeps a tight lid on what goes on there.

Is Area 51 in Texas?

Area 51 is in Nevada.

When was area 51 built?

From what I could find, Area 51 began as a WWII base. After the war it was abandoned for a few years and then Lockheed-Martin used the site for aircraft testing. What goes on there now I have no idea.

Is Area 51 in New Mexico?

No. Area 51 is in Nevada.

When was area 51 revealed?

No one revealed Area 51.

Is their a job in area 51?

Yes, there a job at area 51 but you have to have a meating with the army by phone. Then take a test on area 51. I work at area 51 I am a guard. to regester you have to work for the government four at least 4 years to apply for the job. then you can you work at area 51.

What is the area code for Area 51?

Area 51 is located in Nevada, in telephone area code 775.

Where is Area 51 said to be located?

Nevada is where Area 51 is locaded!!!!

What kind of jobs are in Area 51?

Since nobody knows what goes on there it is impossible to say what jobs would be available.

What is up with area 51?

its better to say what isn't going on at area 51.

Who built area 51?

The CIA built area 51 in the 1950's.

When was Area 51 released?

Area 51 was released on 12/31/2014.

What was the Production Budget for Area 51?

The Production Budget for Area 51 was $5,000,000.

What is going on in area 51?

what is area 51 hiding? And maybe In area 51 they are hiding something like aliens probably even a space ship.

What is the Kudgrah area 51?

Area 51 is a top secret military base in the southwest United States. But I have never heard of the Kudgrah Area 51.

Who has died at Area 51?

No one had die at area 51. It is a army base and polices base. Don't be afraid of area 51. It and army ase. =)

Whats area 51?

"Area 51" in Nevada is a training and testing area for secret US aircraft.

What is area-51?

Area 51 is a place in New Mexico where people believe aliens landed. The federal government guards the area, but says it was not aliens.

Where did Area 51 originate from?

It was first a base to get away from crowed citys. The area number was 51. Then it became bigger and now became known as area 51

What goes into 51?


What have people found when they have searched for Area 51 on Google Earth?

People are not allowed into Area 51. This mystery behind this place really makes people more interested. The most common things when searching on google are 1- Conspiracy Theories. From Aliens to Military Development. Conspiracy Theories regarding Area 51 are rife. 2- Maps and Old photos, Sometimes from people that used to work there. There is an interview with an ex-worker at area 51 who goes into talking about what is actually there, there is hundreds of old maps from the Area 51, along with old pictures.

How many people have worked at area 51?

ELEVENTYTWO (that is secret area 51 code)

Why can't we go into area 51?

Because we need to be in the military to go to area 51

Does 51 go into 3?

Yes. 3/51 = 0.058824 Also, 3 goes into 51. 51/3 = 17