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Q: What grad schools do not require the lsat?
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What Law schools do not require the lsat?

Massachusetts School of Law in Andover, MA does not require the LSAT.

When did you find out if you were accepted into grad schools?

You find out when you have been accepted to grad schools is when you get your deploma.

What are the pre requisites to attend law school in California?

Most law schools merely require an LSAT score, and a college degree.

What are some of the topics on the LSAT forum?

The topics that are on the "LSAT" forum are "Schools to go to" and "LSAT grading". These two subjects are the most popular and most used topics on the "LSAT" forum.

What do law schools look for in a candidate?


How do you get admitted in law school?

In the US you need to have a bachelor's degree for almost all schools. Most also require you take and get a good score on the LSAT.

Where can you get a free LSAT practice test?

You can find them on the LSAT web site. There are other prep schools that have sample exams.

are there plenty of grad schools?

There are many grad schools available for you in the United States. Most of these schools are centered on or around the East Coast or New England area.

Is a master's degree considered for LSAT?

There is no relationship between the two. The LSAT does not require any specific degree to sit for the exam.

What law schools accept an LSAT of 145 and 3.69 GPA?

An LSAT score of 145 basically knocks you out of the first three tiers of law schools. So you would be looking at fourth tier, local law schools.

What does it mean to take a lsat practice test?

The LSAT is a standardized test to get into law schools. A Practice LSAT test is not the real exam, but a test that helps one prepare for the actual test.

What schools will accept a 135 lsat score?

Jacko Johnson School of Law

How to become a lawyer with a bachelor's degree in psychology?

To become a lawyer with a bachelor's degree in psychology, you need to take the LSAT. After passing the LSAT, you will have to apply to law schools.

Do you take your LSAT exam before entering law school or after?

You take the LSAT before going to law school. For most schools it is a key part of the application process.

Where can I inquire about LSAT courses?

The LSAT or the Law School Admissions Test is an admissions test that is required by many law schools and programs. Companies such as,, and others offer LSAT prep courses. Some people also prefer to use LSAT preparation books which are cheaper.

What exactly do graduate schools look for?

All graduate schools do not have exactly the same requirements, but all require a bachelors degree and a minimum grade point language. Some require that a standardized test be taken. To find out the specific requirements of a particular grad school, contact the school or visit their website.

What are four of the factors that law schools will review in deciding wheather to accept to their law school?

The two biggest factors are GPA and LSAT scores. If you are not up to a schools standards they will use other factors but 95% of the decision is all LSAT and GPA.

How hard is getting into Yale University as a lawyer?

You will need a bachelors degree from a from an accredited college or university. Law schools desired LSAT score ranges vary but you will have to take the LSAT in order to be accepted to law school. The vast majority of ABA-accredited law schools will require you to submit a personal statement with your application. Most ABA-accredited law schools require at least one recommendation. will be your College GPA that will count the most as well as the LSAT score. You may not get into Yale as the number who apply greatly out weight the slots. Apply to several schools. Learn to communicate and sharpen your writing skills. You will need those more than you know. Your question shows that you need help in this area.

Take LSAT Practice Exams For The Best Results?

Anyone who is interested in attending law school to pursue a Juris Doctor will have to sit for the LSAT. The LSAT is a prerequisite and a college or graduate degree are prerequisites.Students Who Take The LSAT Test Can Apply to Any Law SchoolWhen applying to law schools, applicants will need to send their LSAT scores to all of the law schools they are applying to. Students must send transcripts from the college or university where they attained their degree or degrees, along with a personal statement and their LSAT grade. Although students' LSAT grades are required, schools evaluate students' as a whole when determining whether to admit a student into their school.To Pass The LSAT Students Should Take Many LSAT Practice ExamsStudents who take LSAT practice exams usually do very well on the LSAT exam. Although the questions are always different, taking the time to complete LSAT practice exams helps students learn and perfect all of the various test taking methods. When taking the LSAT, students have a very short time to read and answer questions correctly. By taking LSAT practice exams, students can perfect all of their test taking methods.Students With Any Type of Degree Can Sit For the LSATNo matter what type of undergraduate or graduate degree a student has, anyone can take the LSAT exam. This exam is open to students with different educational backgrounds. Even students with engineering degrees, can sit for the LSAT anytime they want. Whether a student has a background in pre-law or not, it is important that students take as many LSAT practice exams under exam conditions before taking the LSAT.Students Can Retake the LSATStudents who do not perform well on the LSAT can retake the LSAT if they like. However, students who retake the LSAT must disclose that information to law schools they are interested in applying to. Students with low scores will need to disclose those low scores to law schools even if they do better on the LSAT in the future. This is because LSAT administrators always send a full transcript of LSAT scores to law schools.Anyone who is planning on applying to law school must take and pass the LSAT. Students who do not take and pass the LSAT will not be admitted to an accredited law school.

What act scores do you have to have to graduate from law school?

The ACT is used to get into undergraduate school. Most law schools require the LSAT for entrance. You will have to check the specific requirements to determine what score you need for a specific law school.

Which medical schools do not require the SAT?

All of them, medical schools require the MCAT.

What is the LSAT examination?

The Law School Admissions Test is taken before applying to law school. The LSAT score and college grades are the primary measurements used by law schools for determining who they will accept.

Where are the best pharmaceutical schools?

Check this list out, it might help you out.

Do schools in England require uniforms?

Yes, most schools in England require uniforms

What grad programs don't require letters of recommendation?

South Dakota State University