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2000 Land Rover DISCOVERY 4.0L 8-cyl Engine Code 3950cc
Synthetic 5W-40 European Engine Oil CAPACITIES Engine, with filter..........6.1 quarts[1]
Oil Filter........ WIX# 51068 Engine, with filter..........6.7 quarts[2]
Engine, with filter..........6.9 quarts[3]
Engine, with filter..........7.4 quarts[4]
Cooling System, Initial Fill..........14.0 quarts
Automatic Transmission, Total Fill
ZF4HP22..........10.0 quarts
Differential, Rear..........3.4 pints
Differential, Front..........3.4 pints
Transfer Case,LT230SE..........4.2 pints[5]
Transfer Case,LT230SE..........4.9 pints[6]
1. Refill capacity shown (engine W/O OIL COOLER).
2. Refill capacity shown (engine fitted W/ OIL COOLER).
3. Dry fill capacity shown (engine W/O OIL COOLER).
4. Dry fill capacity shown (engine fitted W/ OIL COOLER).
5. Refill capacity shown.
6. Dry fill capacity shown. Good Luck and Remember.
Change Your Mind, Not Your Oil.
Use the First In Synthetic Motor Oil's.
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Q: What grade of oil and how many quarts does a 2000 Land Rover Discovery II need?
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I had to replace head gaskets on my 2000 disco. It was expensive, but now there are no leaks whatsoever. John

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The 1997 Land Rover Discovery (Series One / Series I) uses a coil pack that is mounted above the engine at the rear, towards the bulkhead/firewall. Each spark plug is directly connected to a single coil of the coil pack, and thus does not use a distributor.

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