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"Hitler didn't try to kill "Aryans" and anyone who is an "Pure German."

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When did Hitler eliminate Jews?

When did Hitler begin to eliminate the Jews in Europe

Did Hitler try to eliminate disabled people?

Yes, he did. People with various disabilities were sterilized without consent, including people with mental retardation and Schizophrenia. Note: Hitler did not try to eliminate people who had disabilities that were not hereditary, like being paralyzed because you fell off a bridge.

Why did Hitler attempt to eliminate all the Jews of the world?

Hitler attempted to eliminate all the Jews of the world for a couple of reasons. Hitler did not like the Jews.

Why did Hitler want Catholics eliminated?

Hitler did not want to eliminate Catholics.

How did Hitler plan to eliminate the Jews?

Hitler planned to eliminate Jews by bringing them to death camps to be shot, put in gas chambers, or to die by catching a disease.

What cause did Hitler have on the Holocaust?

to eliminate the Jewish population.

Can you give an example of a sentence using the word eliminate?

"We must eliminate the Jews in Europe," Hitler proclaimed.Eliminate: Noun, verb; To destroy, to get rid of, sometimes by force.

How did Hitler eliminate his opposition?

He used fear, violence and death to oppose

What group of people did Hitler try to genocide?

There was more than one group that the Nazi's tried to exterminate and they are:JewsJehowah Witness'sGypsy'sHomosexual'sHandicappedMentally ill

Why was Hitler involved in the Spanish civil war?

There are a few reasons as to why Hitler got involved: firstly Hitler wanted to use this opportunity to eliminate all communists in the world, and thought that helping the right-wing rebels to fight against the Communist was a good start. The second reason was that Hitler needed a place to try out his new weapons that they had just produced, due to their re-armament.

21 in Hitler youth?

Why did hitler try to conquer the world?

What did the romas think about Hitler?

Just what you would think about someone who wanted to eliminate your race.

How did adolf hitler eliminate people?

They were taken into 'protective custody' and sent to camps, from there they would dissapear.

What was Hitler planning to Do?

Eliminate the Jewish population entirely ; a form of genocide and an attempt to "clean" the society.

Why did Hitler eliminate the Jews during the holocoust?

He viewed them as a lower class of person, as such he did not want them around.

Who did the Nazi's try to eliminate?

Europe's Jewish population.

Why did Hitler want to rule the Jewish people?

Hitler did not want to rule the Jews; he wanted to eliminate or exterminate them. The reasons that he wanted to do this are discussed in the Related Question below.

Does sugar eliminate bad breath?

No not very effective, try mouthwash, toothpaste for cleaning mouth. Try fresh parsley or mint to help eliminate smell from stomach.

How did the british government try to eliminate opposition from the people who were opposed to World War I?

How did the British government try to eliminate opposition from the people who were opposed to World War 1?

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