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Cobras, a "quiver of cobras". URL: Cobras, a "quiver of cobras". URL:

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A sea urchin does not have a phylum but actually belongs to a group of sea creatures called phylum Echinodermata. This group includes sea stars, sea cucumbers, starfish and sea urchins

A group of Seals is called a harem.A group of sea lions is called a raft.On land they are a colony, in water they are called a raft.

all you have to do is if it is a sea creature put all the animals what are sea creatures in that group

AnswerA group of adult sea turtles would be called a Bale. A group of baby sea turtles would be called Hatchlings.

They huddle up together in a group

A group of turtles is called a bale.

A herd or group of sea lions are called a colony. A group of sea lions can also be referred to as a pod.

Because their sea-creatures. That's why they are SEA-creatures. Get it.

A group or chain of islands in a sea is called an archipelago.

With a tool called a stothiscope.

yes dolphins are sea creatures.

You quiver like a sea-fish might be an insult that is given to a person who is always afraid. The line comes from a poem by H.D. written in 1915.

penguins are not sea creatures because they just find food in the sea and they live on earth so no there not sea creatures

nearly all sea creatures are edible

Yes , he can talk to sea creatures

Some sea creatures have ansetors of dinosaurs

Their are more than millions of sea creatures in the world. The scientists have Any more sea creatures to be discovered.

If you mean, "are all under water creatures, sea creatures?" then no. The term SEA is for the ocean and there also can be creatures in freshwater. Also some creatures that live in water such as some snakes and sea turtles come out of the water every so often, so they are no total sea/water creatures. Fish are underwater creatures though.

A cormorant, also known as a sea bird, in a group is called: flight

Fulmar is a sea bird that feeds on sea creatures.This sea bird eats sea creatures for a diet.

No there are not any new creatures at miami bech

Dolphins are sea creatures but they are also mammals like whales.

Antarctica is a continent. No sea creatures live on land.

all the sea creatures are on the bottom of the ocean love dakotah

it is many creatures that can hibernate

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