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The Bolshevik Party (later called the Communist Party) under the leadership of Vladimir Lenin established a "communist" government in Russia during World War 1. Strictly speaking, they established a socialist government, but they referred to it as a communist government.

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Q: What group took over Russia and established a Communist government during WW1?
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What kind of government did Russia have during World War 2?

During that time period Russia was a Communist nation.

What nation experienced a Marxist takeover during the 1918?

Russia experienced a Marxist takeover in 1917 during the Russian Revolution. The Bolsheviks, led by Vladimir Lenin, overthrew the provisional government and established a communist government.

What was Russia's government during world war 2?

they were still communist

Was Russia communist during the time of Czarist Russia?

No, it wasn't.

What state was a communist state during the cold war?


What form of government did Germany have during World War I?

Russia had three forms of government during WWI. It started out with a monarchy, then was an anarchy during the beginning of the Russian Revolution. Then Lenin became its Communist dictator.

How were the changes that took place in Russia as a result of World War 1 different from those that took place in Western Europe?

Russia adopted a communist government, but Western European countries did not.

What country turned communist after WWI?

Russia was the only country to become communist during World War 1.

Who was the communist dictator of Russia during WWII?

Joseph Stalin was the commander-in-chief of Russia during WWII.

Which action of the German government during World War 1 contributed to a communist revolution in Russia?

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What was lenins main goal during the russian revolution?

Answer this question… To establish a communist government in Russia

What country Ended world war 1 as a communist?

Russia. They became communist during Lenin's reign.