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Group of warm blooded animals with hair or fur?

There are few different types of groups of animals that are warm blooded and have hair or fur. The largest group of warm blooded animals are tigers and coyotes.

Which groups of animals molt?

Nearly all animals with hair moult. In spring, animals will begin to moult their winter coat to stop the heat from becoming too much for them.

What group of animals is warmblooded and has fur or hair?

All mammals including the sub groups marsupials and monotremes.

All animals can be placed into two groups what are the two groups?

Animals can be divided into two groups Vertebrates (animals with a spine) & Invertebrates (animals with no spine)

What is a group of warm blooded animals with hair or fur called?

All mammals including the sub groups marsupials and monotremes.

What do animals use their hair for?

Animals have hair to keep them stay clean. Also hair on animals protects them from mosqitoes or sharp objects.

What are the two main groups of animals?

The two main groups of animals are vertebrates and invertebrates.

What animals don't live in groups?

most animals live in groups but animals such as foxes tigers lions not very much

Animals are classified into what 2 large groups?

There are two main groups of animals: vertebrates and invertebrates.

What animals that have hair and nurse their young?

All animals with hair nurse their young.

Land animals have hair?

Most land animals have hair growing from their skin.

What are the only animals with hair?

Mammals are the only known animals to have hair on Earth.

Is hair the same as fur?

Fur is the hair of animals,hair is our hair.

What animals grow hair after they are born?

Only mammals grow hair on their body. No other animals grow hair.

Is it true that if animals live in groups they can only hunt small animals?

No, animals that live in groups, or packs, actually tend to hunt larger animals. For example lions, they hunt in groups and take down some of the largest land animals in the world.

Why do animals have fur and people have hair?

Maybe hair is fur, we have hair all over our bodies. So we are not that different from animals, and there are lots of animals that have no fur at all.

How do animals with no hair survive?

They survive in different habitats. Animals with hair can survive in cold and warm places, and animals without hair survive in warm places.

Why animals live in groups?

Animals that live in groups can defend themselves better than the animals live in solitary. Animals live in solitary means animals live alone by themselves.

Which hair products do they test on animals?

Shampoos, Hair conditioners, Hair serums, Hair gels, Shaving creams, etc are hair products which are often tested on animals.

Why do humans and animals have hair color?

An animals hair color is it's identity and personality

Why do social animals live in groups?

Because social animals need to be in groups (That is why they are social animals and not lone animals) they need to be part of an animal hierarchy group system

Do elephants live in groups or are they solitary animals?

They live in groups

What are the 6 groups of animals?

The 6 groups of animals are: Mammals Amphibians Birds Reptiles Invertebrates (insects) Fish

What animals that live in groups?

Many animals live in groups: lions, hyenas, zebras, humans, chimpanzees, and so on.

Why dont animals have nose hair?

All mammals have nose hair , but not cold blooded animals.