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Fennecs raise their young in the desert habitat of the Sahara of northern Africa.


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The typical litter of a fennec fox is between one and four kits.

Baby foxes are called kits.

The typical litter is between one and four kits,

So that they have somewhere to live and to raise their kits.

Vixen.A female fox is called a vixen.Baby foxes are called kits (some times pups)A male fox is called a dog.

Gray foxes have their kits in the spring, usually April or May.

The total number a fennec fox can have at once is 2-5

The typical litter for a Fennec Fox is between 1 and 4 kits.

Red foxes (Vulpes vulpes) have between 1-10 kits in each litter.

Kits are baby foxes. It is the proper term to use.

Baby foxes are called kits

Foxes, when kits are born, live in dens. A den is a hole in the ground, usually dug from an existing hole by the fox.They live in Dens usually borrowed underground.

Young foxes are called kits.

Red foxes usually have their kits in the spring - April or May.

Foxes have one litter of kits per year, usually in the spring.

No, foxes' babies are called "Kits". A racoon is an entirely different animal.

Foxes are nocturnal animals, or hunt at night. They usually find a mate during the winter and have kits, baby foxes during the spring. The kits usually come in packages of 4-5 at a time during this season.

yes, they are accually called Kits for all species of fox.

Gray foxes will have one litter of kits each spring.

They are called Kits but people usually call them pups, or cubs.

Like other fox babies, Arctic fox babies are called kits, pups or cubs.Young of Arctic foxes are referred to as "kits" or "pups".

Baby foxes are called kits.

Baby foxes are called 'kits' first of all, and they are born in different times in different areas.

Female red foxes will have their first litter of kits when they are barely a year old.

i really don't know, but they might be similar to a wolf pack. the Alpha (leader) than the beta (deputy) the healer (doctor) queens and elders, kits and full grown warriors. the warriors, or full grown wolves that are not anything special care for the pack protecting them. the priors do special things, rituals, maybe. the alpha and beta control the pack, while the kits train to be warriors. i do hope this helps you, but i don't think Fennec foxes have a pack. they just live together like a family. i may be wrong though. Hope This Helps!

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