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I'm a girl, and I'd probably go with longer hair. Short hair draws attention to the face. Long hair (closer to the face and neck) but in a blunt cut or jagged effect or even the "spiked effect" (the in style for young women) will help your jawline look more refined and also make you look a little taller. Look through hairstyle magazines in a grocery store or drug store or flip through movie magazines and find a style you like.

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Is it feminine to know about men's hairstyles?

It is feminine to know about all hairstyles. Let's face it most all of us have been to a female hairstylist before. It is good to be in the loop of things if you have a son especially.

How long are normal haircuts?

Depends fo which gender, female - i would say shoulder length is medium and male - between 1inch and 2inches>?

How many different hairstyles can you get in Animal Crossing Wild World?

There are eight male and eight female hairstyles, as well as eight colors for each. This comes to a grand total of 128 combinations. For a hair guide, click the link below.

What celebrities have long hairstyles?

Many female celebrities have fashionable long hairstyles, from actress Angelina Jolie to singer Beyonce. Some of the most popular celebrity cuts requested in salons, however, are shorter styles like pixies and layered bobs.

What are the hair styles for Animal Crossing City Folk and how do you get them?

Look at this website for a guide to ALL female/male hairstyles: Thanks! <3 Jas

Why do female hamsters smell?

Female hamsters have a noticably strong smell when they are in heat, compared to the scent of a male hamster. This strong scent is not only to attract a male, but can also be smeared onto something to distract one if the female needs to escape from him.

How do you tell if the Fireface Flowerhorn Fish is male or female?

An obvious black marking on the dorsal fin of a flowerhorn fish usually suggests it is a female, but not 100 percent of the time. If the fish has a U-shaped papilla, this would be another sign it is a female. The male has a V-shaped papilla. Males also sport a thicker jawline and their color is more definitive than a female.

Why are female cardinals colored differently from male?

I believe that as most of the animals which male and female are differently colored, the female has more neutral colors to blend in in case a predator is close, so that she can protect her eggs/children, and the male to distract the predator / to attract females. I hope I helped...

Is it normal for a pre-teen female to want to be a drag queen?

A female cannot be a drag "queen". A drag queen is a gay man who dresses up as a female illusionist for entertainment purposes. However, a preteen female may be interested in makeup and drag queen are generally assoicated with makeup, fashion, and hairstyles. I would teach her proper makeup application before she learns bad techniques to apply to the female face.

Where is the best place to get random hair in Maplestory?

This depends on what hair you are looking for. Personally, I find Ludibrium has a good mix of hair that looks nice and isn't a wild shot. You'll get stuff like Cabana Boy, which looks great on any guy character, and many female hairstyles aren't half bad too. If you try some of the newer areas, the hairstyles are often ridiculous but can be good for a laugh.

She's the Barber?

Most people probably picture a man when they think of a barber, but just as men can become cosmetologists, women can and do attend barber school. Women who become barbers often end up working in a barbershop, but sometimes a styling salon will hire a female barber to specialize in men's haircuts.

Who can you ask to get you to look like a girl if you have no sisters and your a boy?

Sometimes you have to rely on yourself. Start doing research on the internet for basic make-up tips and instructions, how to do different hairstyles or find wigs, and clothing/fashion tips. Or go to a trusted female friend and ask them for assistance.

What are some signs that someone is a lesbian?

There are no specific "signs" to indicate that a person is a lesbian. Some lesbians prefer to wear items of jewellery or clothing indicative of their sexual preference, such as rainbow colours, symbols of sexuality, certain hairstyles etc. But as many of these traits are shared by other, non lesbian females, it is wise not to make assumptions. A female that is in a relationship with another female is in all likelihood a lesbian, or bisexual.

Where can you find very simple instructions on doing hair for a female who cannot put hair in ponytail even after two decades with hair down to her waist?

Go to hairstyle,or latest and you can find really cool hairstyles for dark hair, light hair, short hair, and long hair.

Are crocodiles fertilized internally or externally?

They fertilize internally! Many animals reproduce through internal fertilization. A male and female pair up and mate, and the female's eggs are fertilized inside her body. Empid flies mate in this way. The male empid fly is smaller than the female and risks being eaten during mating. To protect himself, he presents the female with a small insect to distract her. More information can be found at the following web address:

Opposite gender of cockerel?

A cockrel is a male chicken at the age of 4months up until they reach 12months and then become a rooster. The opposite of a rooster is a hen. The opposite of a cockerel is a female chicken from the age of 4months to 12months that is called a pullet. The opposite of a cockerel is not a hen.

Why do Mormon women grow their hair long?

Mormon women may do what they like with their hair. The Church only asks that members avoid 'extreme hairstyles'. What is 'extreme' is up for individual interpretation. Most of the top female leaders in the Church have short hair. Check out the "Related Links" below to see images of typical Mormon women and their hair.

Which of these is not a cow female deer female manatee female giraffe female camel?

A female deer is a doe.

How long will it take to mate a guinea pig?

it depends if you want them pregnant, if you want babies, put the male and famale together for about a day, that should do it. If you don't want them pregnant, and you only put the male and female together every once in a while, it depends for how long you leave them together. Just some extra info: to know if your female is pregnant, wait for about a month and a half. If she starts getting unusually fat (large belly, small head), she is most likely pregnant. take the male out if he's not out all ready. when the babies are born, if the male is still in the cage with the female, the male could distract the female away ROM consentrating on the new born babies and some could die. When my female had babies, the male was still in the cage, 2 of the 4 babies died.

Can a female get HIV from an HIV positive female?

Yes HIV can be transmitted from female to female.

Can a female transmit gonorrhea and syphilis to a female?

Syphilis and gonorrhea can be passed from female to female.

Are guinea pigs asexual?

No they are not. They are strictly male and female.No they are not. They are strictly male and female.No they are not. They are strictly male and female.No they are not. They are strictly male and female.No they are not. They are strictly male and female.No they are not. They are strictly male and female.

Can a female transmit chlamydia or gonorrhea to a female?

Yes, a female can transmit chlamydia or gonorrhea to a female.

What is the female lynx called?

Um... A lynx that is female? A female lynx. What do you call a female human?

What is a female shark called?

a female shark is called a female.