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The answer to the question is, whichever handgun fits the person's hand the best, regardless of the person's gender. People that recommend certain handguns for women simply because they are women don't know how to PROPERLY choose a handgun.

You can also take into consideration how the gun is going to be stored or carried and the skill level of the person who is buying the gun. If the gun is going to be carried in a pocket (not the best option) it will generally have to be very small, and very small handguns are usually hard to shoot well, especially for new or inexperienced shooters.

If a person is not experienced with guns (and this applies regardless of gender also) and is not going to practice much, a revolver may be a good choice because, generally speaking, they are easier to use than a semi-automatic.

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No, not at all. I would advise, for home defense that is, I would advise a stun gu to avoid legal issues.

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Q: What handgun would you recommend for a woman who wants to protect herself?
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