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Nothing at all other than a mess inside you. Semen will not harm your fetus or uterus.

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Q: What happen if during pregnancy semen ejaculate inside of vagina?
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Do it indicates pregnancy if sperm is not getting inside the vagina?

Semen from pre-ejaculate or ejaculate cannot come in contact with your reproductive organs at all to ensure no pregnancy.

Can you ejaculate inside vagina during pregnancy?

Well you can't get pregnant since you already are but if you want to protect yourself from STDs you need to use condoms.

Pregnancy only happen when penis insert inside the vagina?

Pregnancy occurs when sperm reaches the egg in the ovaries. So if a male does ejaculate while the penis is in the vagina, then there is a good possibility that she can become pregnant.

Can it be a problem if your partner ejaculate frequent times inside you?

Only if he has an STD or you consider pregnancy a problem.

Will there be ejaculate on the outside of her vagina if you ejaculate inside her?

Yes there can be as usually when you ejaculate you still thrust which causes ejaculate to be spread about inside and out.

Is leaving semen inside during pregnancy allowed?

YES, there is nothing wrong with having sex and leaving ejaculate in the vaginal canal when a women is pregnant, as long as she is comfortable, it is perfectly okay.

Can you get pregnant if your on birth control for a month and you have unprotected sex but he did not ejaculate inside of you?

If the semen did not reach the egg, than it is impossible for a pregnancy to occur.

Does a guy have to ejaculate semen inside of you to get you pregnant?

Not necessarily. Women can use birth control methods or other protection to prevent pregnancy.

Can you still get pregnant by your boyfriend cames out in me in crampin in the same time?

If he has been inside you without protection there is a risk for pregnancy, even if he does not ejaculate in you.

How much does he have to come inside the vagina to get pregnant?

A man will ejaculate millions of sperm. Only one of these sperm are needed to make a woman pregnant. Therefore even the tiniest bit of ejaculate can cause pregnancy.

Is it safe to ejaculate in a woman who is 2 months pregnant?

Yes, no problem. The growing baby is safely held inside the womb protected by a closed cervix and a bag of fluid. If the woman did happen to miscarry it would not be anything to do with have ejaculate inside her.

How do you gain weight during a pregnancy?

A baby grows inside of you

While having intercourse and you have not broken the seal will there be a chance of pregnancy?

You might not even have a hymen and even if you do it wont cover the whole opening. The menstruation blood comes out through it. If he was inside you or at the opening there is always a risk for pregnancy, even if he didn't ejaculate since there is always pre-ejaculate.

Can he ejaculate inside you while your on the patch?

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Is pregnancy happen by only hand touching?

No, the semen has to come inside of her vagina.

Your tampon was pushed up inside you and the next day you took plan b what are the chances of pregnancy?

Tampons do not cause pregnancy, the fact that a tampon was pushed up inside you have absolutely no relation to pregnancy what-so-ever. If you had sex and ejaculate got into your vagina there is a chance of pregnancy, but as long as you used emergency contraception chances are slim.

Is it safe to release sperm inside during pregnancy?

Yes it is safe.

Where does the fetus develop during pregnancy?

In the amniotic sac which is inside the uterus.

What are the chances of pregnancy if someone ejeculates inside the vagina but semen coming out After ejeculation how much quantity of semen is coming out?

If ejaculate goes into the vagina during the fertile period it doesn't matter if semen dribbles out, there is a high chance of pregnancy. It only takes one sperm cell to cause pregnancy, there are millions of them in small amounts of semen

Can he release in you if im taking birth contorl pills?

Yes. Birth control pills are about 98% effective in preventing pregnancy. So he can ejaculate inside of you, but keep in mind that there is still a 2% risk of pregnancy.

What is hemorrhaging during pregnancy?

Hemorrhaging is the scientific name for bleeding, either inside the body or out of it. So it means bleeding during pregnancy, and probably beacuse of the pregnancy in some way.

Can you ejaculate inside a postmenopausal woman?

yes i can

Withdrawal intercourse on the 21st day is there any possibility of pregnancy?

There is just as much of a possibility of you becoming pregnant if the man had ejaculated inside of you because there is pre-ejaculate, I am sure, that was inside of you. Pre-ejaculate contains sperm as well. If you are not ready to become pregnant then I would suggest you either get on birth control or he use condoms. The withdrawal method is about the most ineffective way to prevent pregnancy.

What are the chances of pregnancy when your bf ejaculates then washes it off lets it dry then you have sex and your condom breaks but he did not ejaculate inside of you?

There is a very slight chance as the material inside the penis was still viable and may have escaped

Can a female be pregnant while using a condom and accidental the condom falls out and I don't notice and I ejaculate inside the vagina. Can she be pregnant?

Yup, go buy a pregnancy test.