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What happen to the vietnamese people when they lost the Vietnam war?


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What happened to the NORTH Vietnamese? Or what happened to the SOUTH Vietnamese people?

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America did not lose the Vietnam police action. In 1975 the South Vietnamese lost their civil war with North Vietnam two years after the American withdrawal. The North violated their Peace Treaty an invaded South Vietnam and were able to defeat the South Vietnamese militarily.

The Vietnamese lost 200 people at My Lai, near the south of Vitnam

Yes, the Chinese ruled Vietnam for 1,000 years until 939 AD, China was defeated by Vietnam and had lost control over Vietnam. Vietnamese soldiers and civilians in Vietnam were ruled by chinese soldiers and then finally the vietnamese soldiers fought back against the chinese soldiers and China lost the significant battle against Vietnam.

The US lost the war and was defeated by the North Vietnamese and its allies.

They were both involved in the Vietnamese war. They both lost the war. They both have people in their country that speaks English.

The United States lost the will to continue fighting. The Vietnamese, who were defending their own country, were willing to fight forever. The North Vietnamese saw no distinction between North and South Vietnam. Ed Vietnam War Veteran 1968-69

In terms of the Vietnam Peoples Army, 1,100,000 North Vietnam soldiers lost their life. In addition there were approximately 251,000 Viet Cong deaths. There were a remaining 849,000 North Vietnamese Regulars that were in South Vietnam, but their fate is unknown.

The US wasn't beat militarily. However, the limitations imposed on the scope of operations in Vietnam made it into a war of attrition, which the Vietnamese people were better prepared for than the US populace.

Operation Babylift The Lost Children of Vietnam - 2009 was released on: USA: 3 April 2009 (Vietnamese International Film Festival) (premiere)

Saigon, the capital of the Republic of South Vietnam was taken over by communism of North Vietnam. More than half a million of Vietnamese people have left the country by boats or by anything that is possible. More than 10 thousand Vietnamese boat people were lost at sea or died. Others became slaves under the hand of pirates. Thousands of Vietnamese civilians in Vietnam were under the hand of Viet Cong government and other became of slaves of communism in communist prisons. After the Vietnam war, Saigon was re-named Ho Chi Minh City.

The United states of America was involved with the Vietnam war. The USA interferred in the vietnam war trying to help the south. The result was america lost and let down South Vietnam, plus killing many vietnamese form south and north leaving them to rebuild while they call vietnamese veterans heros.

See: Vietnam War casualties.

Basically, the Vietnamese sides, north and south, each had allies and supporters. These allies joined with the troops in Vietnam. The US was on the side of the south. They lost.

Phred was the Viet Cong "terrorist" whom B.D. befriended when lost in Vietnam , later Vietnamese delegate to the United Nations and last seen working for Nike in Vietnam .

The South Vietnamese did.

That Vietnam would be taken over entirely by the Vietnamese Communists and that the entire Southeast Asia would also fall thereafter. However, even with the US being involved, the war in Vietnam was still lost to the Vietnamese Communists. But Southeast Asia didn't all become Communist and Vietnam is now a friendly country to the US. So the fact that the US fought in Vietnam did not change the final outcome there. But what Johnson was afraid of did not come through. So he was wrong on both counts.

58,212 Americans were the first names listed on the Vietnam Memorial as the casualties of the war. Hopefully, someone else can add the South Vietnamese and North Vietnamese casualty count - as well as the Australian, Canadian, and Korean casualty numbers.

The US did not lose the war in Vietnam. From 1959 until we withdrew our troops in 1973, we successfully maintained security and stability in South Vietnam. The Paris Peace Accords agreement called for the withdrawal of US Troops from Vietnam, allowing the South Vietnamese to defend their country for themselves. Two years later, the South fell to North Vietnamese incursion. When the US pulled out in April 1973, every province in South Vietnam was under full South Vietnamese control.

because Australia and its Alys had been waging war in Vietnam for many years. when they lost the war to the north Vietnamese. as situation developed where many people that cooperated with the south Vietnamese government were no longer safe in their own country so they sought asylum in Australia.

They represented a lost cause.

When the French were routed at Dien Bien Phu, on May 7th, 1954, they lost control of Vietnam. French influence is still widely felt throughout Vietnamese society.

It is somewhat like Korea. After the harsh colonial French Master had been soundly defeated by the Vietnamese, two groups of people had two different ideologies. One group was the Vietcong, Vietnamese Communists who were located in North Vietnam. The other group supported the idea of Democracy, and were located in South Vietnam. Note: North Vietnam had finally won the Vietnam War in 1970s with the aid of China and USSR (Soviet Union.). The Americans lost because the troops were not willing to fight the war as Vietnam was far from US and the troops couldn't see the point of winning the war.

the French lost the Vietnam war

the Vietnam war was not an American war. we got in it to fight off communism. and the vietcong and north vietnamese worked together to fight us, and south vietnamese were hardly using their army to fight, they were letting us do all of it. and Americans didnt want to go die for a lost cause.

The invasion was about border dispute between the Kampucheans and Vietnamese government. As Pol Pot wanted his nation to become "year zero" a utopia and agrarian society. As vision of following his theory of "year zero" he wanted the "lost" land which belongs to Khmer Empire long ago but the Vietnamese took it. As the Kampucheans negotiate with Vietnam about give their "land" back, the Vietnamese immediately rejected their claim. Pol Pot assign a invasion to Vietnam island, Phú Quốc. The Khmer Revolutionary army captured Phú Quốc, but the Vietnam People's Army quickly re-captured it again. Massacre was against the Vietnamese people who were living in Phú Quốc. As a return the VPA invaded Democratic Kampuchea with 120,000 troops and captured Phnom Penh in 17 days two years later from the Khmer Rouge invasion of Phú Quốc. They setup a pro-Vietnamese government in People's Republic of Kampuchea with a puppet. As a revenge, the Khmer Rouge seek for the Chinese for action, Eventually the Chinese attempt to invade Vietnam. PRC was defeated. There was 2 reason why they lost. 1. They did not reach to Hanoi 2. They did not get the Vietnamese out of Cambodia. And there you have it - Vietnam invaded Cambodia because Khmer Rouge massacre in Phú Quốc. (South of Cambodia)

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