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water molecule will splits sodium chloride to sodium ions and chloride ions via hydrogen bonding.

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Q: What happend to the sodium chloride crystals when added to 5ml of water?
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What happen to the sodium chloride crystals when added to 10 ml of water?

Sodium chloride is very soluble in water; these crystals will be dissolved.

Why is sodium chloride added to ice?

Sodium chloride is added for deicing.

How do you obtain pure crystals of sodium chloride when hdyrochloric acid is added to sodium hydroxide?

The simplest method is to evaporate the solution by heating.

When salt crystals are added to water what happens?

Salt, common salt sodium chloride dissolves in water.

What happened when you added sodium chloride crystals to the test tube immersed in an ice bath?

Nothing happen

Why is sodium chloride added during the preparation of soap?

Sodium chloride is added to help soap precipitation.

Which compounds are added to increase weight of soap?

sodium chloride

Why do bubbles form when NaCl is added to soda?

Imperfections on sodium chloride crystals act as centers of nucleation for carbon dioxide microbubbles.

What happens when sodium chloride is added to water or shaken?

Sodium chloride is easily dissolved.

What happens when sodium chloride a compound is added to water?

You will obtain a sodium chloride solution in water.

Why is the sodium chloride added to the soap solution?

Sodium chloride is used to precipitate soaps from the solution.

Why is sodium chloride in Dawn dish soap?

Sodium chloride is added to increase the viscosity of the solution.

What happen to blood when 0 percent sodium chloride is added?

0 % of sodium chloride is equal with no NaCl !

What will happen when sodium chloride is added to solution of weak acid?

The sodium chloride will dissolve as it does in ordinary water.

What alkali is produced when sodium chloride is added to water?

Sodium chloride is dissociated in water in Na+ and Cl-. Sodium is an alkali metal.

What happens if distilled water gets added to sodium chloride?

A solution of sodium chloride will be formed. It will act as an electrolyte.

How does your body get salt?

From the added sodium chloride in foods.

What is added to dilute hydrochloric acid to get sodium chloride?

A base - sodium hydroxide.

What is formed when Sodium nitride added to hydrochloric acid?

Sodium chloride and Ammonia

What happen when Sodium chloride added with sodium rhodizonate?

Any reaction occur.

Why does iodized salt grow more crystals than epsom salt?

Sodium chloride (iodized table salt has small amounts of potassium iodide added) is not as soluble as magnesium sulfate (epsom salts). As two solutions with the same concentration cool down the sodium chloride will reach saturation first and produce crystals.

Why is sodium chloride added to the ice when cooling down the mixture?

Adding sodium chloride the freezing point of water is lowered.

What element is added to salt?

chloride- sodium and chloride make salt and its symbol is NaCl.

Sodium chloride added to sodium carbonate?

Sodium carbonate is a weak base whereas sodium chloride is a neutral salt. There will be no reactions involved between these two reagents.

When sodium metal is added to hydrochloric acid what explosive gas is produced?

Sodium chloride.