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You will obtain a sodium chloride solution in water.

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Q: What happens when sodium chloride a compound is added to water?
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What happens when sodium chloride is added to water or shaken?

Sodium chloride is easily dissolved.

What happens if distilled water gets added to sodium chloride?

A solution of sodium chloride will be formed. It will act as an electrolyte.

Why do you add sodium chloride to water?

It is a ionic compound. It makes water conductive.

Why is sodium chloride added to ice?

Sodium chloride is added for deicing.

What happens when sodium hydroxide is added to ferrous chloride?

The Result is Imran.

What happens when sodium nitrate is added to calcium chloride?

Any reaction occur.

What is the first element in a compound that has its ending dropped and ide added?

The first element in a compound that has its ending dropped and "-ide" added is the element that forms a monatomic anion in the compound. This is usually the second element in the modern name of a compound. For example, a compound of sodium and chlorine that contains a sodium cation and a chloride anion is called "sodium chloride". However, a century or more ago, this was often called "chloride of sodium", so that the rule still works even for this style of naming.

Why is sodium chloride added during the preparation of soap?

Sodium chloride is added to help soap precipitation.

When sodium hydroxide is added to water what happens?

Sodium hydroxide (NaOH) is a strongly alkaline compound which when added to water will raise its pH.

Which compounds are added to increase weight of soap?

sodium chloride

What happens when sodium chloride and potassium carbonate solution is added together?

These compounds doesn't react.

Which ionic compound will lower the freezing point if 1 mol of it is added to 1 litter of water?

Sodium Chloride

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