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North Vietnam conquered South Vietnam and became one nation. The Republic of South Vietnam no longer exists.

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What happen to the vietnamese people when they lost the Vietnam war?

What happened to the NORTH Vietnamese? Or what happened to the SOUTH Vietnamese people?

When did Sino-Vietnamese War happen?

Sino-Vietnamese War happened on 1979-02-17.

What happened to the natives in the vietnamese war?

They survived, as they always have, they're still living there.

What was an important result of the vietnam war?

we got our asses kicked by the vietnamese and we left the war feeling like pussies

What happened after the Vietnam War ended?

The North Vietnamese attacked in force and Vietnam was reunited as a Communist state.

How did the V Vietnam war effect the vietnamese?

How did the Vietnam war effect the Vietnamese

What happened in Vietnam after the Vietnam war?

Directly after the War, they had to rebuild the country. There were about 2 million Vietnamese people moved to different countrries to live.

What was the Vietnamese perception of the Vietnam war?

Around 600,000 Vietnamese died in the Vietnam War. More Vietnamese died than Americans. That amazes me.

Whats the vitmanese war conflict?

The Vietnamese Conflict is another way of saying Vietnamese War.

How many vietnamese died in the Vietnam war?

3,800,000 Vietnamese people died in the Vietnam war.

How would you Describe the vietnamese war between 1946 and 1954?

Vietnamese War sounds like Vietnamese fighting amongst themselves. From 1946 to 1954, the Vietnamese (Viet Minh) were fighting the French, hence, the French Indochina War.

Why did the Vietnamese people migrate to Australia?

the vietnamese migrated to australia because of the vietnamese war and the changes in government.

What was the first Vietnamese war?

The war with the French.

Did Vietnamese have a place in the US?

Are you talking about a North Vietnamese or South Vietnamese EMBASSY? There would have been no such thing as a Vietnamese Embassy during the Vietnam War. There was no country called Vietnam during the Vietnam War.

What happened as a result of the battle of trenton?

Americans were encouraged to continue the war

When did North Vietnamese invasion of Laos happen?

North Vietnamese invasion of Laos happened in 1959.

When did Vietnamese border raids in Thailand happen?

Vietnamese border raids in Thailand happened in 1979.

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