What happened during the early years of the American colonies that helped the US become the nation you are today?

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Did other nations help the US win the American Revolution?

Yes. At the time, England was the strongest nation in Europe and as such, there were naturally those who wanted to see it get knocked down a few pegs. Unlike the French though, who openly sent aid to the colonies, most helped by more subtle ways. England was very strong and not many nations were wil ( Full Answer )

Who was the US President during the Spanish American War and in what year was it?

The Spanish-American War was very short, only 4 months from April 25 to August 12, 1898. The US President was William McKinley . who was in in his first of two terms of office. He was elected in 1896 and inaugurated on March 4, 1897. He was reelected in 1900, but was assassinated in 1901. His ne ( Full Answer )

Capital of the American colonies during?

Philadelphia was one of the nation's capitals during theRevolutionary War, and the city served as the temporary U.S.capital while Washington, D.C., was under construction.Philadelphia played an instrumental role as a meeting place for theFounding Fathers of the United States.

During the 8 years of Ronald Reagan's presidency the what happened to the US national debt?

After four years of Reagan's first term (1981-1985) the US National Debt had risen by $650 billion (British 'thousand million'). As a comparison, this four-year amount is $100 billion (Thousand Million) less than President George W. Bush gave to Wall Street bankers at the end of 2008.. After four y ( Full Answer )

Why the us remained neutral during the early years of world war 1?

America stayed neutral during the early years of the war because they felt that the Allied powers could win the war without the help of the US. Also The US felt no need to enter the waar because they thought that the Atlantic ocean could separate the US from the dangers of the War.

What happened during Hitler's early years?

Hitler was born in austria. he applied for art in the main university but he got rejected. his father was rich and his mother was a Jew. he became homeless and it was then he felt rage against the Jewish community. they would never stop and give him any money. !:)

What country ruled the early American colonies?

Most of the 13 colonies that formed the United States in 1783 were English colonies. That is, they were settled by English emigrants and governed by the English crown. Delaware was originally settled by people from Sweden but it was never a Swedish colony. Carolina and Georgia had some Huguenot (Fre ( Full Answer )

Who was not an outstanding American leader during the nations war years?

Mr. Magoo and Mickey Mouse. I know you want a real answer but I don't know which kind of leaders you mean or which wars you are talking about. I would say our worst leader during Viet Nam were President Nixon and Lyndon Johnson. General MacArthur lost his glory in the Korean War. As for our current ( Full Answer )

What position did the US Congress take during the early years of World War 2?

The United States Congress was firmly in support of war against Japan since the US was attacked first. Elements in the US Congress were more reluctant to go to war against Germany but Hitler's decision to declare war on the USA resolved that.. In general, the US Congress supported the action of the ( Full Answer )

How did the US help south Vietnam during the early part of the war?

The US supplied T28 Trojan (Trainers) single engine airplanes; A1 Skyraider attack airplanes; M1 Garand rifles and M1 carbines (which they liked alot better!), and among a whole list of material, the US supplied them with M113 APCs which they converted into light tanks. GIs called them ACAVs (Armore ( Full Answer )

What year did all American Indians become citizens of the us?

Only "Some" Native Americans have ever become citizens of the United States (I am not a citizen of the USA, and never will be). Most Native Americans are beginning to understand that the USA by forcing (or attempting to force) citizenship on a Native American also forces him/her to surrender all tre ( Full Answer )

Early American and Colonial literature?

Typically, works of Colonial literature tended to focus on eithertrue accounts of actual events, or works that were intended toglorify God. Some of the notable writers of that time were AnneBradstreet, Cotton Mather, and Jonathan Edwards.

Why was France willing to help the US during the American Revolution?

They had just completed the Seven Years Wars with the United Kingdom and were still bearing a grudge about their defeat. That meant that they would gladly aid anyone who might be able to inflict damage on the UK. After the Battle of Saratoga it appeared that these former British Colonials just might ( Full Answer )

What other nations helped the colonies during the revolutionary war?

The French offered only secret to help. The Netherlands gave a loan to the Americans Congress. Russians tried to keep the British from blocking trade with the Americans. The governor of Spanish Louisiana gave guns, food, and money to the Americans. PS. Spain declared war on Britian

How has church helped you become who you are today?

When I was in 6th grade (I'm a Junior now) my good friend invited me to go to this youth group at his church. I went because it sounded fun and it was. It was like 2.5 hours of fun and then 30 minutes of preaching. I never was very religious, but the more I listened to the stories of the bible the m ( Full Answer )

During the early years of the Cold War many Americans feared that communist agents were sneaking into the US and planning to destroy the American way of life This fear was called a?

(Red Scare) The fear of a communist takeover was called a "Red Scare." During the late 1800s and early 1900s communists and other radical socialists chose the color "red" to symbolize their movement. Communists carried a red flag when they seized control of Russia in 1917. Many people in other coun ( Full Answer )

How did Thomas Paine use the power of words to help the colonies become a new country?

Thomas Paine convinced the colonies that it is their time to rebel against the British by writing a pamphlet called COMMON SENSE. 2. He used his words to persuade colonists to support the declaration of independence, and therefore support the revolution. This question is stated very odd, and s ( Full Answer )

What was life like in the early American colonies?

In the early 1940's, during the 13 colonies, this is what your life would be. Schools were normally small; they were not like the larger schools many kids go to today. Kids learned to read from a special type of book, they were called hornbooks. Farmers in the New England Colonies had a harder bi ( Full Answer )

How do parents help to become who you are today?

Parenting style, discipline strategies and the quality of relationships a child has with its parents can contribute greatly to the development of his or her personality. As a parent, modelling desirable traits and providing a healthy and nurturing environment will aid social, moral, and psychologica ( Full Answer )