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What happened in 1920?

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The 19th amendment

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What are the release dates for What Happened to Rosa - 1920?

What Happened to Rosa - 1920 was released on: USA: December 1920

What disasters happened between 1900-1920?


What events happened from 1920 to 1930?

Absolutly nothing happened whatsoever! what world changing events happened between 1920 to 1975? when did the Australian currencey change

What major events happened in 1920?

There are many major events that happened in 1920. However, the most popular one was The Great Depression which had impact in the entire world.

What happened in Ireland between 1850 and 1920?


What happened May 1920?

my great-grandmother was born

What were the political issues in 1920?

absolutely nothing happened in the 1920s

What happened in 1920-1929?

9 birthdays were celebrated

When did Battle of Boryspil happen?

Battle of Boryspil happened in 1920.

When did Battle of Qingshanli happen?

Battle of Qingshanli happened in 1920.

When did Battle of Letychiv happen?

Battle of Letychiv happened in 1920.

When did Battle of Cyców happen?

Battle of Cyców happened in 1920.

When did Battle of Bystryk happen?

Battle of Bystryk happened in 1920.

When did Kapp Putsch happen?

Kapp Putsch happened in 1920.

When did Battle of Karboğazı happen?

Battle of Karboğazı happened in 1920.

When did Shusha pogrom happen?

Shusha pogrom happened in 1920.

When did Battle of Nasielsk happen?

Battle of Nasielsk happened in 1920.

What happened on 6 June 1920?

You may be referring to the Treaty of Trianon.

What happened in Mexico 1920-1940?

i don't know sqat

When did Battle of Koziatyn happen?

Battle of Koziatyn happened in 1920-04.

When did prohibition happen?

Prohibition of alcohol in the United States happened 1920 to 1933.

When did Battle of Komarów happen?

Battle of Komarów happened on 1920-08-31.

When did Battle of Marash happen?

Battle of Marash happened on 1920-02-13.

When did Battle of Zadwórze happen?

Battle of Zadwórze happened on 1920-08-17.

When did Battle of Alexandropol happen?

Battle of Alexandropol happened on 1920-11-07.