What happened in Canada in 1982?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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1. Falling of the Berlin Wall in 1989-90: marked the end of the cold war

2. April 12 1980: terry fox starts his run: would start an annual event that has now raised $500,000,000 for cancer research

3. July 3 1987: quebec city becomes unesco world heritage site: first city in North America to become a unesco world heritage site.

4. A referendum in Québec rejected sovereignty association on May 22 1980

5. 1984 French-Canadian performers Guy Laliberté and Daniel Gauthier created the Cirque du Soleil which now tours around the world, and makes $850m+ each year

6. Ocean ranger sinks on 15 February 1982: killed all crew members

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The Constitution Act occurred in 1982 in Canada. This act outlines a variety of freedoms such as the right to vote, freedom of religion, and the right to enter and leave Canada.

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Q: What happened in Canada in 1982?
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In 1982, Canada ended its relationship with the United Kingdom in which the British Parliament was authorized to make changes the Canadian Constitution. From that time forward, Canada was authorized to make its own laws without stricture.

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