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The cold war divided Europe in Western and Eastern Europe.

After the second world war, Russia built a wall through the centre of Berlin (Germany). The communist party took control in many countries on the borders of Russia to build a buffer zone so that no one would be able to march in, start a war and kill tens of millions of russians.

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Q: What happened in Europe in the Cold War?
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What happened in Europe after WW2?

Hitler committed suicide and the cold war between Russia and the USA began

Which decade were there more cold war conflicts in Europe?

The fifties had more conflicts regarding the Cold War in Europe.

What was Europe known as during the cold war?

Europe was known as Radio Liberty during the cold war in the year 1947.

Did Cold War occur After Vietman War?

No the Cold War was the reason why the Vietnam War happened.

Where did the Cold War happen?

The Cold WarIn all of Europe is where the Cold War happenedAnd South America especially Chile, Argentina Nicaragua, El Salvador, Southern Europe Greece, Italy, Germany and Southeast Asia Cambodia but it is a truth that results of this war affected all worldAlso, Korea and Vietnam were part of the Cold War really, so I think that counts tooHope this helped :)

Where did the cold war start?


How did the cold war affect England?

Whatever the rest of Europe felt, they felt it too. Britain, cold war wise, was part of Europe.

Why it happened and the Vietnam war?

Part of the cold war.

What happened in 1950?

the Korean war and the cold war

Korean War was considered to be a cold war event because?

Because it happened during the cold war.

What ties did the US have with Europe?

the cold war

What happened after the final solution?

Europe re-built, the Soviets expanded, many Jews moved to Palestine or America and the Cold War started

How did World War 2 effect Europe?

It created the Berlin Wall, a divided Europe, and the cold war.

What happened after the war of 1812 in Europe?


What Had Happened In The Vietnam War?

Vietnam was part of the cold war.

Explain why the Vietnam war happened?

Part of the cold war.

What might have happened if the Soviets had a nuclear war with us during the cold war?

then the war would have ceased to be cold.

What events led to the division of Europe?

The Cold War.

How the cold war began in Europe?

Iron Curtain

What were the effects of the cold war on worldwide and in Europe?

ww2 .

How many us soldiers die in the cold war?

None, Soldiers weren't sent to the cold war it was called the cold war because it was the war that never happened.

What Happened Before the Cold War?

The Cold War began after the Second World War ended in Germany and Japan's defeat.

How did the Cold War impact World War 2?

The Cold War did not impact WW2 at all, because it happened later.

What are some of the things that happened in the cold war?

The bloodiest events of the cold war were the Korean and Vietnam Wars.

Why is the Berlin Wall considered a symbol of the cold war?

That's because this happened during the Cold War.