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What happened in Japan during the pre-world 2 years?


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there was something about the water system and i have not got a clue about what happened.

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it can happen in Japan,and places in the U.S.tsunamis happened about 8,000 years ago in japan

Japan surrendered and it took 15 years to rebuild Japan again.

Hirohito or, Emperor Showa ruled Japan for 63 years from 1926.

This happened during the 1690's

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In the last 50 to 100 years, Japan experienced massive development in infrastructure. Their economy also grew steadily because of the industrialization that was taking place.

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After the bombings of Nagasaki and Hiroshima, the United States helped rebuild their country and economy that had been ravaged by years of war. Japan was although, disarmed. During the American occupation of Japan, they helped the Japanese adopt democracy and labor reforms. There were rapes by American soldiers, and there are other controversies regarding the occupation, but America truly helped rebuild Japan.

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The Model 63 was made in Japan sometime during the '90's. I do not know for sure exactely what years, though.

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There were several wars during those years, but the Korean conflict was the largest.

The Holocaust happened mostly in Poland from 1941-1945, during WWII

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