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Q: What happened to Europe after Charlemagne death?
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What happened after the death of Charlemagne?

Charlemagne’s sons fought for power and weakened the kingdom

What happened following the death of Charlemagne's son?

the empire was divided among Charlemagne's grandsons

Who was Charlemagne?

Actually Charlemagne was a very powerful frankish King. Charlemagne added to his land and gained more and more power. He helped bring Europe out of the Dark Ages. By the time of his death, Charlemagne ruled most of Western Europe.

After Charlemagne's death what happened to Germany?

Charlemagne's German - and all other - lands were inherited by his only surviving son, Louis.

Which bests describes Charlemagne work in Europe?

It was mostly undone after his death. Apex

What did Charlemagne do in Europe?

Charlemagne united most of Western and Central Europe.

What happened to Charlemagne's empire after the death of his son?

His empire was divided by the Treaty of Verdun (843) after the death of his son, Emperor Louis I , among Louis's three sons. The empire thrived.

Charlemagne became the ruler of Europe by?

Charlemagne started of his rule in 768 as King of the Franks in modern day France upon the premature death of his father King Pepin the Short. However, over the next 46 years, he would gradually conquer more and more of Europe till he ruled most of it by the time of his death in 814.

How did Charlemagne change Western Europe?

Charlemagne changed Europe by creating order. He did that by joining different countries together.

What part of Europe did Charlemagne rule?

Western Europe.

What part of Europe did Charlemagne's kingdom control?

Western Europe.

How did Charlemagne get control of Europe?

he was cool