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they were found

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Q: What happened to George Mallorys body after it was found on Everest in 1999?
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Did mallery and irving comquer Everest?

No body really knows. Mallorys body was found high up on Mount Everest but the camera was not found on him, if it had, it would probably show if they made it to the summit or not. As of this year 2012, the body of Irvine has not been found.

When did George Everest climb mt.Everest?

he didn't he was the surveyor who found it

How was george mallory found on mt Everest and who?

In 1999 the body of George Leigh Mallory was found high on the North Face of Everest by Conrad Anker, a member of a team searching for Mallory and Irvine

Where was Everest found?

Mount Everest was found in the Himalayan mountains.

Which mountain range is mount Everest found?

Mount Everest can be found in the Himalayas.

In which year mount Everest has been claimed for the first time?

1953 was the first time that Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay made it back but they found George Everest's body form 1829.

When did George mallory reach the top of a mountain?

If you mean 'When did George Mallory reach the top of Mount Everest' then the answer is no one knows for sure if he did or not. He was last seen climbing high on Mount Everest in 1924, his body was found in 1999 but as of date there is no proof he did or didnt reach the summit.

Is there any evidence that george mallory reched the top of Mount Everest?

A very hard question to answer! Up to now there has been no real evidence found that George Mallory reached the summit of Mount Everest. It is hoped that if they find the body of his partner Andrew Irvine he will have the camera that no one has found. This might show evidence if they stood on the summit or not.

Were George Mallory and Andrew Irvine murdered?

No, George Mallory and Andrew Irvine were not murdered while on Mount Everest in 1924. George Mallory fell to his death, his body was found in 1999. The body of Andrew Irvine has never been found so it is not clear how he died.

What is the most amazing discovered on Mount Everest?

The most amazing thing that has been discovered on Mount Everest I think is the body of George Mallory. He went missing in 1924 going for the summit, his body was found in 1999.

Did George Mallory climb Mount Everest first?

As of 2015 there has been no evidence to show that George Mallory reached the summit of Mount Everest in 1924. Some people believe he did while others say he didnt. Maybe one day more clues will be found on the mountain to help determine if he got there or not.

What continent is mt. Everest?

Mt. Everest can be found on Asia