What happened to Jessica Jay singer known for Casablanca song among others?

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"essica Jay is not an actual person. It's an alias/musical project created by SAIFAM Music, and at least 3 different vocalists have been involved in it so far. The most recent one (on the My Heart Is Back album) is Melody Castellari (http://www.melodycastellari.com), who currently sings for SAIFAM under many other aliases. The first vocalist (behind Casablanca, Denpasar Moon, Broken Hearted Woman, etc.) was most probably Dora Carofiglio, lead singer of an Italian band called Novecento (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hwuVH87RKuA), who has also been involved in multiple Italian disco/dance projects. SAIFAM Music, even though it's based in Italy, has had a lot of success in Asia, and Jessica Jay is one of such 'projects' created for Asian markets."