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I played in 7th Army Band in late 1963, all of '64 and through Nov '65 under Maj/CWO4 Arthur W.R. Shettle for the first year plus. He had been the Conductor of the 7th Army Symphony prior to this until its closing.

He was an excellent conductor. CWO Dials followed him.

Since returning to the states, I have played with 3 different musicians who were in the USAREUR or USAEUR(?) Band in Heidelberg all at different times, and later than I served. THEY say, that THEY heard, 7th Army Band closed and combined with the band in Heidelberg to become the United States Army Band, Europe. I would like more details and someone to verify this if at all possible.


And update to the original:

I joined the remnants of the 7th Army Band during 1967(Flute). The band was under the direction of CWO Edward Serifin or Serafin. The band was located at Panzer Kaserne, Boeblingen. At the time, I was told that the 7th Army Band was moved, intact to Boeblingen and renamed to the 61st Army Band. I was in the band until December of 1968 when my tour of duty ended. We were advertised to the German public as the 7th Army Band. Duty there was incredible. I kept in touch with other band members over the years and learned that the unit was disbanded sometime during 1969. The band in Heidelberg was separate as some of our members transferred there during my stay. I hope that helps you in your search.

It would appear to have been combined into the 33rd Army Band at Heidelberg, known as the US Army Europe Band.


(28 September 14)

The 33rd U. S. Army Band was stationed at Patton Barracks in Heidelberg. That band (33rd) was periodically, for special events", combined with the 7th Army Band in Stuttgart. The combination was, thus, the "USAEUR Band"! In November of 1962 the "USAEUR Band" played a joint concert with the "Stabsmusikorp der Bundeswher" in Bonn. Interestingly, the unit brought in a singer (Carl Lindstrom - Tennessee Ernie Ford's "Top-Twenty" fame) from France. Lindstrom had the German Public standing in the seats when he belted out "OKLAHOMA" that night in the Bethoven Halle. Hauptmann Gerhardt Scholtz was the Stabs conductor. USA Lt. Colonel Clarence Mills was the USAEUR Band Conductor (CWO-4 Byron L. Smith was nominal 33rd Director). One of the impressive things about the "Stabs" at the time was that the "woodwinds" doubled on strings! (German-American citizen PFC Harold Wiesner, pianist, was the dual language announcer for the Band! (Harold got married at Patton Barracks, complete with sabers . . . )

Again in June of 1963, the USAEUR Band pulled Honor Guard duty for POTUS John F. Kennedy reviewing the "troops" at Fliegerhorst Kaserne in Hannau. Oboeist Gene Hawk was (with percussion section, including tympani) working the symbals at the front of the band. Twice (also with President of Germany at Campbell Barracks in Heidelberg) one of the symbals came-off the leather straps (one great big slam-bam-bang) and spun around in circles on the Fliergerhorst aircraft parking ramp which JFK was on the podium. POTUS's Secret Service Detail was between Clarence Mills and the podium. Guess what it looks like to see a Presidential "bodyguard" whip an Uzi out from under his suit coat arm . . .

Gene (Spec-4) who did a wonderful job with the costumes for the "King & I" in Heidelberg's "Roadside Theatre", (filled in on Bass Clarinet one night) went on to glory with Western Costuming in California THEN in 1973, when I was head of the Public Relations for the Walt Disney World Company/Reedy Creek Improvement District in Florida), I found Gene (and his wife) working in the Costume Department at WDW. "Small World . . . GET IT!

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Q: What happened to Seventh Army Band?
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