What happened to the ancient Inca tribes?


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The ancient Inca tribes fought the Spanish Spaniards and lost. The leader of the Spaniards was Francisco Pizarro.

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Mud huts were commonly used by ancient Indian tribes in the Amazon and throughout central America. These tribes include the Mayan, Inca and Aztec tribes.

Ancient Inca was one of the many ancient civilizations.

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The tribes that lived in the Andes mountains in the past were the Inca and Chibcha. The tribes that live there now are the Aymara and Quechua.

By communicating with other tribes

The Inca women ran the house hold

There were many, but the most important were the Aztecs, Mayans, Olmecs and Teotihuacans. The Inca civilization was located in South America, located in present-day Peru.

The Inca territory was equally divided into four quarters. Its division into quarters made governing easier. Tribes that the Inca had conquered were not always submissive, although many of those tribes had already become the Incas allies.

The Inca attacked and went to war with them.

they conquered surrounding tribes/ppl.

The Inca people are thought to possibly have started as nomadic tribes. The civilization was mainly a non-nomadic and stationary society.

Inca Civil War happened in 1532-04.

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the Inca were defeated by the Spanish who killed them but most died because of the disease they brouqht

Inca - video game - happened in 1992.

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southern america,mexico

The inca fought with the spanish for land******Prior to that, they fought other tribes of humans that threatened them ; often taking the captured ones as slaves.

ancient inca ruins, or nown as Machu Picchu

cuzcowas the capitol of the Inca empire cuzcowas the capitol of the Inca empire

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