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What happened to the children of Peter The Great?

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Peter I of Russia had two wives and a total of fourteen children but only three of them survived to adulthood.

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What happened to the mentaly retared during the great depression?

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Is peter the great Alexander the great?

No. Peter the Great was from Russia.

Is Catherine the Great married to peter the great?

No, Catherine the Great married a man named Peter the Third. Ironically, Peter the Third was named after Peter the Great.

What happened to the Adults during the great depression?

they gave up there homes farms and children

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Peter the great and Catherine the Great had what in common?

Catherine the Great married a man named Peter the 3rd, her husband was named after Peter the Great.

What did peter the great and Catherine the great have in common?

Catherine the Great married a man named Peter the 3rd, her husband was named after Peter the Great

What is a sentence for Peter the Great?

Peter the Great was a Russian czar.

What kind of miracle happened to St. Peter when he was dead?

No miracles happened to St. Peter after he was dead.

What happened to people who resisted Peter the Great or Catherine the Great?

They would force the certain people who resist him to do what Peter ordered. (For example, say that someone from his kingdom refused to abide by a law, Peter would have guards of some sort force him to abide by the law by watching over that citizen)

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What did Peter the Great believe in?

Peter the Great believed in Christianity. He was a christian. (:

Who was peter the great and what did he do for russia?

he was a man who was very great and his name was Peter.

Did St Peter who was married have any children?

Dis St Peter, who was married, have any children?

What country had peter and Catherine the great?

Russia was ruled by both Peter the Great and Catherine the Great.

Who is peter the great and why is he important?

peter the great is important because he made a great deal with Russia

List the strengths and the weaknesses of Peter the Great and Catherine the Great?

peter the great is a boy and catherine the great is a girl

Who is peter Andre children?

Peter Andres children are: Junior Sava Andre,5 Princess Tiammii

Ivan the terrible or Peter the Great was more of an absolute monarch?

peter the great

Did Peter the Great raise taxes?

Yes, Peter the Great raised taxes.

Which was a goal of Peter the Great?

A major goal of Peter the Great was to westernize Russia.

Peter the great waged war against the ottoman empire to?

Peter the great

When was Peter the Great Statue created?

Peter the Great Statue was created in 1997.