What happened to the Ottomans after WWI?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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They eventually had to split the empire into countries that aren't the right Split Because Europe didn't know that they already had 3 major religions ;D

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Q: What happened to the Ottomans after WWI?
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What happened on 1688?

The Austrians incite a rebellion against the Ottomans in Bulgaria.

Ottomans Empires genocide of the Americans?

I think you mean Armenians. These were Eastern Christians occupying the European area of the Ottoman Turkish empire. During WWI (1914-1918) the Ottomans carried out a genocide of the Armenians, although this is still contested by Turkey.

Did ottomans use ottomans?

No ottomans did not use ottomans

How could Americans help the country succeed in World War 1?

WWI happened many years ago, meaning that Americans cannot help something that happened so long ago. Also, America did succeed in WWI.

What happened to WWI veterans as a result of the Depression?

Their demand that bonuses be paid early was ignored.

What is a historical event that happen in Qatar?

A historical event that happened in Qatar was in 1913, when the Ottomans renounced their governance over the country.

What amphibious attack happened on WWI?

Amphibious? Germans were using u boats to attack defenseless ships.

When was Young Ottomans created?

Young Ottomans was created in 1865.

What year did ottomans capture adrianople?

The Ottomans took Adrianople in 1365!

When did both World War 1 and World War 2 take place?

WWI happened between 1914-1918, WWII happened between 1939-1945.

What would the world look like today if WW1 never happened?

If WWI never happened, then that means no WWII. Meaning no Holocaust. This means that over 90 million people DON'T die. Secondly, No USSR or Axis powers. WWI = Russian starvation. Russian starvation = uprising. WWI was the reason for WWII. Without WWI, no fascism and no communism.Third of all, no WWI means that the Ottoman Empire and Austro Hungarian Empire might survive until 1925 due to ethnic chaos occurring in both empires.Fourth of all, no WWI means no WWII means no Cold War. Since the USSR isn't here, this means that nobody is really the superpower during the 20th century, because WWI allowed the USA to show its power and influence over the world.

Did the Ottomans shape the history of Iraq?

For a time, the Ottomans controlled Iraq and shaped its past.