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I'm guessing that the 18-year-old boy will get a little bit more feminine.

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โˆ™ 2005-10-20 02:41:39
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Q: What happens if an 18-year-old boy takes birth control pills?
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What happens to a man taking birth control pills?

Birth control pills are female hormones, a man should not take them.

What happens after birth control?

When you stop taking birth control pills, you are able to get pregnant, so be careful.

What happens if you take birth control pills out of sequence?

There is no harm in taking the birth control pills out of sequence as long as you were not taking placebos (sugar pills) when you should have been taking active pills.

What happens when a male takes birth control pills?

Women's birth control pills don't work for men. When a man takes birth control pills his body is affected by the extra estrogen, which can have a serious effects. The lesson is do not take medicine not prescribed for you.

What happens if you delay your period for a week while on birth control and then do not get your period straight away when you start taking the sugar pills?

Continue taking your birth control pills as scheduled.

Are there generics for birth control pills?

many birth control pills have generic equivalents.

What happens if you take 3 birth control pills all at the same time?


What happens if a man takes a birth control pill?

Due to the estrogen in birth control pills, it probably will make a mans breasts grow.

What happens if you miss the iron tablets on a birth control pack?

There is no increased risk of pregnancy if you miss the non-active birth control pills.

Are there any birth control pills which are suitable for vegetarians?

Birth control pills are not made from meat.

Would a unborn child die if you took several birth control pills?

no, because birth control (in any method: pills, ring, patch, shot, implant) is meant to CONTROL birth BEFORE it happens. they are useless after you're already pregnant.

Can birth control pills cause you to gain weigh and how soon?

Anawer. Yes, some birth control pills are known to have that sideffect and another commen sideffect is missing periods.. It must have something to do with the hormones in the pills. (technicaly birth control pills are steroids cause of the hormoes and they are known to have some of the same sideffects) But when it happens -if it happens, you cant be sure, but dont worry you will not suddenly get round like a ball.

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