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Which amendment set the minimum age for voting in a national election

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Q: What happens if someone doesn't comply with an order of the Supreme Court of Tasmania?
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What is the verb of compliant?

The verb of compliant is comply. As in "to comply with something or someone".

Is the definition of Support the same as the definition of Comply?

No. Comply means to obey someone or some statute. Support means to aid or assist or help someone or some movement.

What is 'cooperation?

When you comply, or are obedient with something that someone says. :)

What happens if you do not comply with a court order to file documents?

If you don't comply with a court order you will find yourself facing contempt charges. You will also damage your case.

Can the Executive branch prosecute someone on a statute that the US Supreme Court deemed unconstitutional?

No. Once a statute is declared unconstitutional, it becomes unenforceable. Congress can rewrite the law to comply with constitutional mandates on the basis of the Supreme Court's decision, however, which they often do. So a person may be prosecuted under new or revised legislation that is substantially similar to the original legislation.

Does US Supreme Court review cases to ensure that the opinions and actions of the lower courts comply with the US Constitution?

No. The US Supreme Court hears final appeals from lower courts.

What does Refuse to comply mean?

Not doing what you're told by someone who has the right to tell you what to do.

What happens if you dont comply with the army?

dishonorable or similar discharge and possible jail time

Is it comply with or comply to?

It is "comply with" or "conform to" not "comply to." To act in agreement with rules or requests. Definitely comply with

How can a state be forced to follow a Supreme Court decision with which it disagrees?

Just because the state doesn't agree, if the US Supreme Court renders a decision in your favor the state must comply! There is no higher court than the US Supreme Court - the state cannot file an appeal.

What happens if you have a bench warrant for failure to comply?

You will be arrested and brought before the judge that issued the warrant.

What happens when the at-fault person fails to respond to the insurance claim lawyers in Wichita, KS?

They would have to mail the as-fault person a letter and so they would comply. And if the do not comply, further legal actions will have to take place.

What is correct Comply with or comply to?

Comply with is correct.

Is it comply with or comply to rules?

Comply to the rules..

A court order was made for someone to provide a promissory note so how do you enforce they comply?

If they don't comply with the court's order, you take them back to court by filing a motion for contempt against them. A hearing will be held in front of the same judge that issued the order and he will make a ruling on their failure to comply with his/her order.

What happens if someone does not comply with a court order of destination pick up of a child?

First question: Is this a customary non-compliance, or a one-time occurrence which can be chalked up to a human failing? If it is a routine occurrence, you can file a motion with the court for contempt of the court's order.

What happens if i don't comply to with custody rulings?

That means you are breaking the law by breaking the court order and you can lose custody if you do not change.

What happens if you do not comply with federal state and local environmental laws?

They are violations of the civil laws which can bring severe fines but no imprisonment.

Are US Supreme Court decisions final?

The Supreme Court's decisions are always final unless they agree to rehear a case, which rarely happens. The Supreme Court is the final authority on federal and constitutional law in the United States; there is no further avenue of appeal. There are only two ways in which a Supreme Court decision may be overturned: 1) the Court may change its own decisions; 2) Congress and the states may effectively overrule a decision by constitutional amendment. In the case of nullified federal laws, Congress may rewrite the law to comply with constitutional requirements. For more information, see Related Questions, below.

What is the main function of the US Supreme Court?

The main function of the US Supreme Court is to interpret the Constitution and federal law and exercise judicial review to ensure state and federal statutes and policies that come before the Court comply with constitutional principles.

Who most comply with HIPAA?

who has to comply with HIPAA

Can an previous employer sue a previous employee for non compete?

Certainly, happens all the time. If you sign a non-compete agreement, then comply with it.

What happens to unemployment insurance payments if you move to another state?

You need to contact the employment security office to advise them and comply with their instructions on continuing to receive them.

Is resist and comply antonyms or synonyms?

Resist and comply are antonyms

What can Congress do if the US Supreme Court's ruling is unconstitutional?

The US Supreme Court determines what is and is not constitutional, not Congress. If the Supreme Court makes a decision Congress opposes, they can write legislation to circumvent the decision, modify current legislation to comply with the letter of the ruling, or attempt to initiate a new constitutional amendment to overrule the decision (unlikely). Although they are not supposed to, Congress may thwart the Supreme Court by failing to pass legislation supporting the Court's decision.