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It becomes impossible to put off any longer the step up to a king-size bed.

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Q: What happens if the mass of one body is doubled and the other is tripled?
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What will happen to the momentum of a body whose velocity is doubled?

Momentum = mass x velocity. So if the velocity is doubled, momentum will be doubled as they are directly proportional to each other.

When velocity of body is doubled?

momentum is doubled, kinetic energy is quadrupled

When the velocity of the body is doubled its acceleration?

when the velocity is doubled then its accelration is also doubled.because a=v/t

What happens to coefficient of friction when weight of body is doubled?

it will remain same as it depends only on the surface which is in contact and does not depends on force so it remain same

When the contact area is doubled keeping the force acting on the body constant the pressure?

when the contact area is doubled keeping the force constant on the boy, there will be less impact on the body .

How much centripetal force is needed by a body moving in uniform circular motion if the mass is doubled?

If the mass is doubled then the force needed is also doubled,according to the equation F=MV2/R

When the speed of body is doubled kinetic energy becomes?

If speed/velocity is doubled and mass remains constant, then kinetic energy becomes quadrupled.

My cervix has doubled in size could I be pregnant?

Maybe or your body is just lame.

What is effect on inertia if the force doubled?

effect on inertia of a body if force is double?

What is effect on inertia if force is doubled?

effect on inertia of a body if force is double?

What happens to a bigfoot's body when it dies?

Assuming there is a bigfoot it would decompose the same as any other body.

Where does mitosis occur in the body?

mitosis occures everywhere in the body, most people get mitosis mixed up with meiosis but meiosis is the process of mitosis doubled, meiosis happens mainly in the sex cells suck as sperm, and in the development process of a embryo, zygote, and fetus, etc.