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What happens if two baby mice breed with each other?

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2011-09-13 11:59:58

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If the baby mice are brother and sister, and shes does get

pregnant,the baby mice will not be deformed or anything.That's

called inbreeding and its not really healthy,but a lot of people

still cruelly do it just to make money.Always ,always ,ALWAYS

separate the males and the females!They will breed no matter what

relation one has to the other.And its a good idea to separate the

baby girls and the baby boys once they are eating solids and acting

like all the other adult mice.And make sure the moment the moms

giving birth or u think its gonna give birth that you put ALL the

males in another cage,INCLUDING the dad.Theres a good chance the

males will eat the babies.If you need more information look up "how

to care for mice" and you will find lots of really good sites on

how to care for them at all ages.

well they might have babies or they might not it all depends on

exactly how old they are or if they are brother and sister

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