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It would taste different and always the food will be creamy once you cook it.

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Q: What happens if using water instead of milk when cooking?
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When cooking what is the process that happens when water droplets gather on the window?

Water Vapor

Does using water speed up the cooking process?


What happens after water is boiled?

You turn the stove off and start cooking

Can you substitute milk with water?

Yes, it will change what ever you are cooking. Another option is to use a little non-fat powdered milk mixed with the water, it cuts down on the fat instead of using whole milk.

Why should liquid from cooking vegetables be used in preparing other dishes?

Using vegetable stock instead of salted water will prevent irrevocable loss of nutrients and flavour

What can be used instead of oil?

butter or PAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How is water being conserved right now?

they are using less water instead of using a lot

What do you do when you inhale cooking jalapenos?

When you are cooking jalapenos, and they are sizzling, it can cause the air to make you cough. If this happens, turn the water on, and hold your face next to the water, breathing in through your nose.

What are the other options can be used instead of oils?

Some alternatives to oils in cooking/baking include using applesauce, mashed banana, Greek yogurt, or pureed avocado as a substitute for moisture. In some cases, you can also use broth or water for cooking certain dishes instead of oil.

Is it ok to use bouillon while cooking potatoes or pasta - or is it a waste of bouillon?

I would say that using boullion for cooking pasta IS a waste since you're going to put sauce on the pasta anyway. However, using boullion for cooking potatoes (for mashing) makes sense. The boullion will flavor the potatoes while reducing the need for butter or margarine and possibly milk (you can use the boullion flavored water instead). Boullion is also useful in cooking rice. It gives the rice a nice flavor as opposed to water.

How do you make hot cinnamon toothpicks using boiling water instead of soaking in a jar?

You can make hot cinnamon toothpicks using boiling water instead of soaking in a jar by using regulated heat.

What is moist-heat cooking and how is it used in cooking?

Dry heat cooking is by applying heat directly without using any liquid such as water or wine. However, for Moist heat cooking, it is cooking food use by either hot water or steam. These methods include poaching, simmering, and steaming. It should also be noted that any cooking method using oil (deep frying, sauteing, etc.) is considered dry heat cooking.