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What happens if you break a legal contract?

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A legal contract is binding. If you break the contract without having the legal right to do so as set in the terms of the contract or by having the contract declared void by a court, the other party has the right to sue you in order to be compensated for the value of the contract.

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What happen if you break a legal contract?

what happens if you break a legal contract

Is breaking a contract a criminal offense?

Posibly. Who was the contract with, and how did you break it? Someone broke a legal contract that we had agreed upon through a lawyer and a judges ruling.

How do you resign from a legal contract on a house?

That will be specified in the contract. If it is a lease, you may break the lease if the house is not livable, or by following the terms in the lease.

Is there a way to break a new car contract?

No, it is a legal and binding contract although most states have a right of recesion withing 3 days time.

Can you hire any driver for any team?

In theory, yes. But keep in mind that if a driver is under contract, legal proceedings must take place to "break" that contract.

Is a contract legal if there is only 1 legal entity involved?

For a contract to be enforceable, it must be legal. Therefore, if one of the parties signing the contract is not authorized to do so, the contract would be void.

Can a lease require you to break the law?

Not if the lease is legal. It is illegal for any sort of contract to demand criminal actions from one of the parties that signed it. If it does have any such demands the contract is invalid.

What is a breech of contract?

A "breach of contract" is when you sign a contract to do or not do something, and then break the contract.

Legal ability to enter a contract?

The legal ability to enter into a contract is known as capacity.

free legal form for contract for deed ?

free legal form for contract for deed

Can a dealership break contract?

Of course anyone can break a contract. That is what the courts are for. They will enforce the contract as it was written unless there is some mitigating factors.

How do you break your contract with the devil?

No one has such a contract to begin with,

To opt out of a contract?

If you opt out and have the right to do so it is considered terminating a contract. If you unilaterally decide to opt out of a contract and do not have a legal basis to do so; that is considered a breach of contract. If you breach a legal contract you can be sued.

Can a 19-year old be held to a legal binding contract in Florida?

The legal age to contract is 18. Yes, they can be held to the contract.

What are requirements for signing a legal contract?

Unsure what the question is asking. What "requirements?" What is meant by "legal"contract? Anyone of legal age (an adult) and mentally competent can obligate themselves by signing a contract.

Is a multi year contract legal?

ANY contract is legal as long as both parties agree to the terms

Where i can get my legal capacity to contract of marriage being a Canadian?

You can get the legal capacity to contract to marriage in the embassy of the Canada.

How do you write apology letters regarding cancelling of contract?

Get legal advice and have your lawyer do it. A contract is a legal agreement.

Can my employer suspend my pay?

As an employee, you signed a legal contract with your employer. As long as it is within the terms of your contract, it is legal for your employer to suspend your pay. In addition, if you breached the contract, it is legal for them to do so. To know if you have breached your contract, or if suspension of pay is within the contract, you will have to review the document.

Is assumed name legal in contract?

No: only the legal name is valid in a contract. To make the contract proper, one should list the legal name, then Also Known As (or AKA) the other name.

Legality of a contract?

is it legal for goverment office to contract with a lobbiest

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