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it means your crush likes your best friend

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What happens after you catch the 3 dog Pokemon on soul silver?

You can now show of to your friends with all three dogs

How do I tell a girl that I like her?

Just be honest,catch her whaen none of her friends are around..if youre a nervous type!

How do you catch garintina in Pokemon White?

You can't catch him, but you can transfer him with a friends ds to yours.

When do you no your ready for a boyfriend?

It's always hard to tell. Hormones are raging and people get lonely. Think for a second. How often do you catch yourself thinking about him? How does he act around you? How do you act around your boyfriend? How does he act when his your friends are around? That's really important. You want him to feel secure with you around when his friends are hanging out too.

What happens when you catch latias in heart gold?

nothing really happens after you catch it but that's what i noticed so you do what you wanted to do like regularly.

How does an octopus catch its food?

Octopus catch food by lying in wait or moving slowly across the bottom until they see prey. They then pounce on their prey, enveloping it in their tentacles and bringing it to their mouth which has a hard, sharp beak which crushes the victim.

How do you get a fairy and be friends?

Fairies are not real and you can not catch one.

Where to catch Entei?

You can catch him in Soulsilver but he moves around.

Can you catch Giratina?

No.... But if you want to catch it then look around.

How do you know if your girl is sleeping around?

If you don't trust her, find another one. You will not know unless she tells you or you catch her, and the suspicion will kill the relationship anyway. u cant soz but it looks lyk u can ask one of her friends, her or jus catch her in the act u cant soz but it looks lyk u can ask one of her friends, her or jus catch her in the act

What happens when your sim see's a ghost?

nothing happens unless you want to catch a ghost

What happens after you catch all the Pokemon on ranger?

nothing happens you just do it again i think.

How do you know your best friends?

youll know your best friends when they catch you when you fall or are there for you all the time or have your back.

What happens if you catch a lepercaun?

It gives you its pot of gold.

What happens if a hobo dies?

You catch the Great Westbound.

What happens when you catch Rayquaza?

nothing special but you do get to keep him

What can you do to be friends with Hayley Williams from Paramore?

You have to be famous or weasel your way into to her friends friends then to her friends then hope you can catch her when she's in town. It would make sense if you moved to Franklin.

What happens if you catch a ball at a match?

If your at a baseball or softball game and you catch it in the stands it does not count as a out and you can keep the ball

What happens after a solar panel catch sunlight?

When solar panels catch sunlight people kiss my butt

How can you catch a disease in sims 2?

Sims can only catch the flu, which happens randomly or sometimes never.

Do you catch lapras with a fishing rod?

No. You can only catch it by surfing around.

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