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You'll be malnourished,overdosed on caffeine and nicotine,and oxygen depleted. Feel better?

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How many pounds can you lose in a week if you don't eat drink coffee smoke cigarettes and work out?

8 pounds

Does plies smoke?

yes he does he does not smoke cigarettes but he does smoke marijuana and drink alcohol

Are their facts about parkinsons disease?

people are much less likely to get parkinsons disease if they smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol, have high cholesterol, and drink too much coffee.

What happens to oxygen when you smoke cigarettes?

Oxygen is consumed and polluted by burning of cigarettes.

Is it okay for a Muslim man to drink caffeine and smoke cigarettes?

it is not okay to smoke or do drugs

Does Shawn Wayans smoke cigarettes?

Actor Shawn Wayans does not smoke cigarettes. He has also gone on record saying he doesn't smoke marijuana. Him and his brother Marlon prefer a drink.

What happens to your lungs when you don't smoke cigarettes?

They stay healthy

What happens when you smoke to much cigarettes?

You could get lung cancer

What happens if you smoke 3 cigarettes?

Some would say that smoking any cigarettes at all will result in lung cancer. So don't smoke!

Do the socs smoke cigarettes?

No the socs drink because there better than the greasers.

Does Mason Musso smoke cigarettes?

Yes, he does. Check out Ant cam on youtube!!!! I love Mason!! Why does he have to smoke and drink!!!!!

What happens to your stomach when you smoke cigarettes?

It grows very strong, and healthy.

What happens to your liver when you smoke cigarettes?

Your liver will start getting bad

What happens to your organs when you smoke cigars or cigarettes?

when you smoke your lungs becomes tar you can get heart diesases and cancer.

Does Lana Del Rey drink or smoke?

She smokes Camel cigarettes. As for drinks, who doesn't?

Why is it dangerous for a pregnant woman to drink alcohol or to smoke cigarettes?

Both can damage the fetus.

Which is deadlier energy drinks or cigarettes?

Cigarettes, because its pretty deadly to health, and more people smoke than drink energy drinks.

Do Athletes smoke cigarettes?

There are athletes who smoke cigarettes & marijuana.

Did Sarah vaughan smoke cigarettes?

Yes, she did smoke cigarettes :)

Can you still drink beer and smoke cigarettes while you take nitrous oxide supplements?


What percentage of Europeans smoke cigarettes?

About 34% of Europeans smoke cigarettes.

Did Jim Morrison smoke cigarettes?

Jim Morrison did smoke cigarettes

Does Caroline wozniacki smoke cigarettes?

does rory mcilroy smoke cigarettes

Why does your throat burn whenever you inhale cigarette smoke?

When I smoke cigarettes or drink any kind of soda my throat burns severely

Does Hayley Williams smoke cigarettes?

No, Hayley does not smoke. She said that it dries the throat or something similar but she did say so herself that she doesn't smoke, drink alchohol, or do drugs.